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Discussion in 'General' started by GiveMeTheWorld, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Gentlemen and the ladies,

    I've been down so fucking long, that it looks like up to me. I was coming out of the bathroom completely blazed and I was this little tiny spider. The beast had limitless legs and formidable shape. My initial reaction was fuck, what do I do. Then I saw a lighter and this grin comes across my face and I put the flame to the highest and ONE CLICK, THE FLAMES ARISE FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL AND THE BEAST HAS BEEN ALIGHT. It was such a horrible and beautiful sight. I was shocked because I don't even hurt ants.
  2. Was it a Zippo?
  3. A normal light with the rolling thingy. I love those common lighters, they're the best. Zippo weigh too much and they're a pain. Fuck getting them filled when you can just about find a lighter everywhere.
  4. Come on community. Show me some chaos and some revolution.
  5. I fail to see what's going on here?

    You felt empowered by Satan because you lit a spider on fire?

  6. at my old house there was this massive ant hill and they always bugged me while i was laying out outside. so one day i had enought and i poured koolaid around it to lure them out, in a matter of minutes there were hundreds if not millions of ants at the watter hole. i than proceeding to pour lighter fluid ina circle around them trapping them and they were mine for the taking. i proceed to light the lighter fluid and send them to a earthbound hell
  7. dude you were so stoned when you wrote this... but i was when i read it so.... this is fucking great.

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