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I have built a bong (with pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Atlas, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Heres the story behind it, I'm nicely toasted as is and my dad tells me he's going to the store and then jack in the box, and i realize I am fucking starving so i go with him. We go to the store, I buy nothing, then jack in the box, Large soda, seven jalapeno poppers and chicken strips he asks me if i wanna go to good will and i think "there has to be something at good will i can make into a bong" and there was

    Dont worry the plastic spiral can be pushed all the way down.... so thats it, my five dollar bong.

    Now if you'll excuse me we need to get better acquainted:bongin:
  2. I like your arrangment of the tinfoil. Very artistic.
  3. Looks autistic from here... :D
  4. LOL

    hes right, I dont usually discriminate against someones pieces. but a foil stem is only asking for trouble/ an accident involving bending.

    Try to keep an eye out for a hollow tube made from a study material that allows for you to easily submerge one end into water while the other extends out of the plastic bottle into what ever makeshift head that youve fashioned. Waterbongs are typically the hardest to make yourself, which is why if you want, hands down a high unlike any other out of makeshift materials, then go for the gravity bong + kitchen sink method.

    all you really need there is a 2 liter water bottle,foil (for the bowl) and a socket to put the foil into. but you can find better instructions online for that.

    usually by the kitchen sink theres also a window, which does a lot for any stealth smoking you may have to do as an added bonus. happy toking ! :cool:
  5. I always make good bongs out of Sobe bottles. went to home depot or ace and bought a glass drilbit the size of a bic pen. drill a hole in a sobe bottle and stick in the bic pen. use the top half of a small co2 canister (the small ones for pump paintball guns or co2 pistols and can be purchaced at wal-mart) that i cut off with a hacksaw and made a filter for. then put that on the pen lid for a slider. possibly seal the hole with silicone (also found at walmart). also makes a kickass gravity bong. i'll post pics in a new thread tomorrow, along with all the other shit i've made since I started smoking.

    have fun with your new girl... try and come up with a name for it. it's always fun finding the right name.
  6. I would get a pen slide at the bottom, Tin foil is bad for you if you use that often, But the body piece is pretty cool, what is that?
  7. I just bought that game like 2 days ago, was a lot shorte that I suspected. Pretty shitty, it doesn't seem like I can reuse my gamesave to replay the game cause my save is stuck right when you get out of the elevator looking at Ryan.

    I'm not sure how they expect you to get everything in 1 try, I didn't see that many weapon upgrades, and I still had like 4-5 left before I was done, I'm not sure how they expected me to get the rest of that.
  8. the main bit is cool but dont use foil man....
  9. Foil is no good for you.
  10. [​IMG]

    Blew my mind

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