I have a weird lump on my left testicle.

Discussion in 'General' started by twitchydude420, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Its about 1 inch in diameter and its really sore. Im thinking it might be an ingrown hair but im not sure.

    Any ideas on what it could be? Id post pics but thats against the rules.
  2. Trolling or serious?

    Could just be an ingrown hair or something...if you are concerned I'd just go see a doctor:(
  3. 1 inch is a pretty big bump. Can you tell if it's under the skin?
  4. Yeah I'd go to a doctor. Don't want to play around when it comes to your daddy bag.

  5. Lol, im serious.

    Oops, I probably should have put this in pandoras box.
  6. An inch must be a huge hair, I'd go to the doctor.

  7. Feels like its under the skin.
  8. Well it could be an ingrown hair or testicular cancer. I'd go to the doctor.
  9. I agree with everyone on this post thus far. It COULD BE something minor or it COULD BE something that can cause some damage. get it checked out and keep us posted.
  10. It could be a lot of things, really. Could be a Hydrocele, or maybe your Epididymitis is swollen. I would get it checked though for sure.
  11. Anything growing on your balls is rather a MAJOR situation in my opinion... get your ass to the hospital asap and try and find a sexy nurse to take care of you.

  12. Gotta ask that sexy nurse to kiss and make it better :D
  13. Is it on your testicle itself or just the sack? Either way get that shit checked out.

  14. I hope for OP's sake it's gonna turn into a classic porno movie.
  15. If it's rather hard and sensitive to poke it could be a blood blister that is developing or something too.
  16. You finally grew some balls! Congrats

    But seriously go see a doctor

    Sorry if that sounded mean I didn't want it to be
  17. its a cyst, go to the doctor immediately
  18. i had a ingrown hair on my asscrack...didnt do anything for a week it just got bigger and more painful turned into a cyst went to the hospital in so much pain i was crying they had to surgically inject me with some pain remover shit and cut it open and squeeze all the pus out and once they did they plucked the hair and then they stuck a little rope thing to keep all the pus leaking out and every 3 days id have to go back and theyd basically rip it out pain level 9/10 so if you dont want that to happen on your nuts...id go to le doctor.
  19. Damn, now im worried...

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