I have a superbowl ring!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by hypnogreen, May 29, 2009.

  1. Yup that's right... Kinda... More like I wore/held on to a Superbowl ring last night for about 6 hours. I felt like my personal worth quadrupled! It was really heavy and like 6 sizes too big. Also it has allot more detail then even i imagined it would.

    Pictures are crappy because I took them with my blackberry. Ive got like 1000 because i was pumped. Its from the 07 Superbowl NY Giants.


  2. So? A buddy of mine actually has two of them - he was on the Packers Practice Squad and then he got a second one from the Broncos I think. I forget.

    He's also got a Rose Bowl ring from when he played for USC.

  3. dude why you got to be haten' just be happy for the guy, damn
  4. Because it's silly that's why.
  5. yea for real, just shitten on this guys excitement. thats awsome but why would u post somethin like this without sayin how you got it and whos it was haha
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    with each ring costing around 8k and the fact that its "worth" alot more given the nature of the ring its kinda cool to wear one around. Just because some people have two rolls royce's doesn't make driving one of them more or less of an expeirnce.

    Catch my drift?

    The guys a good friend and Im cant exactly post his name here... Id assume he'd be prity upset if he googled his name and grasscity was shuffled to the top of the results (as its known to do).
  7. godamn thats beautiful im jelous, ive always wanted one especially a colts one
  8. shits baller. +reps.
    hate more.

    "oh dats stupid. my friends dad has like 10 of those an a unicorn"
  9. damn that pretty tight...to bad its a giants ring
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    Are you fucking kidding me... Wow... You are the epitome of a douchebag.

    This kind of behavior is not accepted here. -KSR

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