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I have a question bout green game cigars

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crazysmoker101, May 2, 2011.

  1. i know this is stupid but i cant seem to ever get the leaf on right or tight enough so i wanted to know if it possible to roll it with the just the dutch part and forget the leaf and if anyone could find a video or anything or give me tips it would be appreciated
  2. Roll dutchmasters or swisher sweets. Hell even white owls or phillies.

    EVERYTHING is better than games. They suck ass, and are not worth the extra effort to roll them.
  3. ^False. the extra time IS worth it if you want a nice slow burning blunt that will impress all ur friends. id have to show u i cant explain how to rol the leaf but always lick down the side with the veins facing out at you...aka lick the side that is facing the inside of the blunt when you take it out the pacakage
  4. No, not false. What the hell is with people always saying that opinions are wrong.


    Also, Ive never seen someone become impressed by a blunt. Its not that important. I can get any other blunt to smoke as good as a game, just by rolling it tighter/looser. Games burn slow, but you get shitty hits. A good blunt is one that doesnt burn too fast but will still give you a badass hit. Never got that from a game, smoked games rolled by MANY different people too..
  5. False. All gas station cigars are cheap chemically soaked garbage, but Dutches and games are the top of the line. Games more than dutches.

    OT. No you don't need to use the outerleaf. But that's the point of buying one with an outer leaf. Just breath on it or something to get it moist, and get it on really tight and roast it after that. The more time put into perfecting a blunt will result in a better, longer smoke.
  6. games are SYNTHETIC
    they are fake cigars.
    buy a dutch master, or anything else.
  7. go to an actual cigar shop!
  8. I love how people are telling op what blunt he should use,

    They are all manufactured from low quality tobacco,
    and nasty chemicals. There are plenty of blunt threads for all you fanboys to go bicker at.

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