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I have a microwave...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by acaciacomplex, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. So I only have a microwave at the moment, are their any edibles that I could make with it?
  2. You should never use a microwave to make any edibles, as they are extremely inefficient due to their inability to uniformly distribute heat.

    The microwave radiation will cause some of the cannabanoids on parts of your herb to vaporize, which will all float out of your microwave when you open it up, other parts won't react at all and you'll still be left with some non-psychoactive THCA.

    Your best bet is to use an oven, make sure to test the temperature if you've had it for a while and aren't sure of its accuracy as the temperature measuring components of some ovens wear out over time. You want to be sure of the temperature you're using so you don't surpass or fall short of the cannabanoid flashpoint and waste material.
  3. he said he only has a microwave..

    there are many things you can do
    one possibility is to try to make fire crackers with the no heat method
  4. That's what I think I'll do but I've heard of that not really working

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