I have a girl?

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  1. Those photos looks younger when are close 10/26, there already had about two weeks. Right now I think my plant has a month and some days. The most current are taken today, 12/11
    The plant I found her or him :cry:   in a park and for That reason why i dont kind of plant is or if it is male or female.
    The plant is growing outdoors in the top of a 13 floor building.
    It should be noted that it is my first grow.
    The land has Humus and banana peels for potassium but I dont know other nutrients buy, live in Venezuela and not much choice.
    My future plans are grow that shit and smoke every single gram hahaha :bongin:


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  2. If you're asking if it is female, we can't see in those pics.
    You'll definitely want to put it in a larger pot.  Looks like it's 1 gal pot not, get a 3 or 5 gal pot and use the soil you have, you'll be alright for a while.

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