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i have a few medical questions, hopefully someone can help me out ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ytfghmjb, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. alright well lately ive been getting really terrible acne, maybe for the past year or so, and it hasnt gone away no matter what. i've visited numerous dermatologists, been on almost every medicine, pills, washes, etc and nothing works. but now i was prescribed a new medicine called accutane, which is very powerful and is known to promote crucial side affects such as severe depression, loss of concentration, weakness, and many other terrible things. i'm supposed to be on it for 5 months, and the doctor told me to NEVER mix other drugs with this substance. my question is, do you think it's neccessary for me to go on a 5 month t-break because of this, or do you think i will be fine with a few tokes?
  2. weed goes with almost every drug, but im not sure
  3. I've never heard of weed interacting badly with another drug, so I think you'd be fine, but I don't know for sure.
  4. Marijuana is compatible with most anything, besides, marijuana isn't a drug...
    I don't think there's a need to take a t-break
  5. yeah, i mean, ive also heard that weed helps cure acne. im not sure if its true but it definately hasnt helped me over the past year or so.
  6. hey dont worry ... i took accutane last year. cleared up my acne real nice and smoking on it is nothing... you will always have red eyes though... ALWAYS :(
  7. Well a lot of acne is caused by stress and im pretty sure that weed relieves stress and should help.
    And yea weed aint a drug, just smoke
  8. smoke is NOT good for your skin. that being said, weed smoke isnt going to kill it by any means. smoking cigarettes is terrible for skin, and so is second hand cig smoke.

    the best thing to cure your acne is time my friend. itl clear up when you get older. keep your face and whereever else you have it clean as you can.

    if this stuff is powerful enough to "give you depression" or in terms that will be used in ten years when fad wears off; powerful enough to make you depressed, then my guess is that it's probably medicating more than your skin.

    it sounds liek the stuff he's giving you is going to "medicate" your body's natural state of progression, in your case puberty.

    please give this some thought. i dont feel like writing a paper here because i'll be doing plenty of that again when i head back to school for the 23rd grade (with breaks in between of course people.)

    are you really willing to take a drug thats explicity based on altering major major functions (oh say fucking with your dome and mind) just to help clear your acne some?

    no matter what, from [personal] experience, there is no secret behind some door that any doctor can show you that will help you clear up acne. its a dynamic process, much like the evolution your body is undergoing in which is shows its symptoms.

    i'm older now, but i did have acne when i was younger. my face is moderately to very scarred in places. its not a death sentence. virtually all of the people i know would tell me that i'm good looking and they wouldnt have to lie about it. i'm not looking to brag, its deffinately not anything i hold in esteem or take in advantage. i'm trying to help you out. no one should feel bad about themselves in constancy. if you do come out of this with scars on your face, my guess is that they wont hurt you in any way down the road.
  9. I'm on that same shit. 40mg twice a day and a 20 mg at night and I smoke almost every day. Its fine. And all those side effects are worse case scenario
  10. I used Accutane myself when I was younger. First, it is the best medicine I have ever accountered for acne, you'll thank yourself for taking it.

    Second, it is extremely affecting for everything related to your oil glands.

    I personally wouldnt take marijuana, because it sometimes makes your kind of depressed, and 1 person in 30 may suffer depression, suicidal thoughts and lost of energy when taking Accutane.

    I know all about it, my step-dad is a doctor, and I suffered these symptoms about 2-3 weeks after I started. Hopefully we stopped quite quickly.

  11. JUST DON'T DRINK. Definitely not recommended.

    But smoke on - no interactions there.

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