I Have A Drug Problem.

Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Yeah don't we all WooooW !!!

    Peace starts when I Die !
  2. YUP, me too, especially when I'm OUT!!! LOL Now that's a Problem!! Peace :smoking:
  3. Yes the only problem i have is when I dont have a light,


  4. only problem i have is.......i forgot
  5. how is she the girl from the blair witch? im not seeing it lol
  6. On the link i give look at the 3rd pic down, i know it don't look like her but it reminds me of when there in the woods and she has the light on her hace, it just made me laugh...

  7. gee thanks, im not THAT ugly lol
    oh well youre intitled to your own opinion even though mine is the only right one ;P
  8. hey now youre makin fun of my best friend here, thats not nice :p
  9. your car looks decent. what kinda tranny is it? don't tell me it's auto...

    either way I still have a decent chance of burning you
  10. yes its automatic ;( such a bummer
    i love standards but this car was cheap so lol
    but hey now i can light a joint and still stay on the road without crashing *note: this is before we get baked off our asses*
  11. Who said the girl from the blair witch was ugly ? :)

  12. I had a chrysler lebaron turbo as my first car. I though the car was the coolest in the world. I like my truck now just a little better. =)

  13. yeah i love my car
    my friends all pile in back and i slam on the breaks so they fall off lol im so cruel
    and mickey you said it like i was ugly dude im really hurt *pft not really cause youre probably just as bad ;P*
  14. :]

    I have a 2002 Subaru WRX, and it probably is one of the best in the world. I can't wait to smoke it out
  15. lol thats awesome
    well i had a 1997 mustang but it broke down all the damn time so i was like screw this and got that car lol it smells like weed so bad we have to ride with the hood down or use shit loads of fabreez ;P

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