I Have A Dilemma

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    I have a bit of a dilemma.
    I'll be getting some new grow equipment soon but I only have enough seeds  for one harvest.
    Now I only have  one grow tent with the carbon filter, lights, etc. However I want to save a male to pollinate  some of  the females, but I'm worried that the harvest may  be unusable if all the females are pollinated.   But I really need seeds though.
    I don't have a separate grow area to put the males in without  them smelling up the entire house.  
    would there be another way to keep the pollen from from pollinating the females too early or shield them somehow  with  the  males in the  same grow tent? 
    I was thinking of covering the males with some kind of cloth as to keep the pollen away until it's time.
    Anyone have any creative ideas?

  2. Why not just take a few clones from the females? No need for seeds that way and you can ditch the male plants

    Or, you can force a single branch on a female plant to produce seeds by using colloidal silver to force it to hermie.
    Sadly I only have one grow area, I would need to put the clones somewhere...
    What about that colloidal silver? I dont know much about it.
    I dont mind growing from seed but being  confined to one grow area complicates matters
  4. Sacrifice this harvest and just grow for seeds.
    I know it sucks, but sometimes you gotta do
    what you gotta do.
    I'm hoping for a male this time or next,
    just so I can get some good seeds.
  5. If you have a window that gets some decent light during the day and you can move a male into it and not attract unneeded attention, I can walk you through the whole process....Once  you flip to your 12/12 cycle the male plants will make themselves known much sooner than the females. . So the moment you see balls, take the boy(s) and put them in the window, even though the light wont be 12/12 it wont matter, you want polen not buds. A big assumption here, is that this window is way the hell away from the girls, in another part of the house, in a closed room and there is no wind, breeze or anything in the room where the male is moved too. Continue to water/feed the male as normal and soon he will be spewing forth yellow spunk from its male flowers. Get a nice sized mason jar (with a wide mouth) and position it under a branch with flowers. Just slightly tapping or shaking the branch will cause the male polen to fall (its yellow) so catch it in the jar. If the jar is big enough, you can put the whole tip of the branch into it and then tap it. Do this for all the flower clusters (milk them balls!lol). Remember not to go near your girls until you make sure any polen you got on you is cleaned off!! After a few days you will have harvested plenty of polen and you can let the male die. Now you'll need a very small paint brush (like from a kids paint set) but a new one. Remove a female plant from the grow area to somewhere without any breeze. If your only going to polenate a couple of the lower buds, cover the rest of the plant with a large paper bag for protection leaving the couple buds your going to polenate showing. Then using the brush, LIGHTY touch the tip of the brush into the polen and lighlty dust the pistels of the selected bud(s). Wrap the buds LOOSELY  with something, usually a small paper bag that can be tied around the stem. Do this for each bud you plan to seed. Also put a tie wrap on those branches, so you can find your seeded buds easy later. Return the plant to the bloom room after you remove the large bag that was protecting it. In two days you can uncover the seeded buds, and they will be fine and the polen wont cross over anywhere (if you were carefull). When you harvest the plant, the tie wrap will tell you where to look for your seeds....

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