I have a clone and need direction!

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  1. I'm new guys and im needing help
    I have a strawberry koosh clone about 10-12 inches tall the leafs are curling under what's this a sign of? .. im guessing it's a cocoa coir cup. Im going to do a CFL grow in a 5 gallon bucket. What I have learned is three stages 24 for growth 12/12 to sex and vege 8/16 to finish it up is this correct? And where can I find a cord with 5 or more light sockets on it?
    My questions rare:
    What's up, with this wilting?
    How should I go about transplanting this clone into the 5gallon bucket?( I guess im just buying a mix from Lowes)
    I need information strictly on CFL's and the hours and stages?
    A good foliage feeder?
    AND does anybody know where to get a string of lights I can put CFLS on?

    Plus im growing in a small closet with a fan and walls covered with alumni foil any knowledge on any of this would be greatly appreciated with that said glad to be a part of the community!
  2. You gotta clone with no home? Its stressing!!!!
    Smart move. 1st of all get rid of the Alum foil. Either paint flat white or go to Walmart and get an emergency blanket for $2.00 in the camping section.
    Your guess is wrong. Dont just get any soil from Loews. Get one without nutrients. Im figuring you wanna go cheap so I wont even recommend the Ocean Forest stuff from Fox Farms.
    Just get some compost. You can worry about nutrients next week.
    you will need at least 100 watts ,thats actual watts which could be as much as 6-10 bulbs unless you get the biggies(2 or 3 at Loewes for 15-$20)
    If you buy smalller ones, buy splitters and lights on clamps.
    Make sure you get the ones that say Daylight
    In 1 month you will want to switch most of them to Soft lights.
    You should be able to rig up something to put them on.
    Keep the bulbs at a distance in which if you put your hand in front of the plant you dont burn, about 8 "
    24 hr lights for 30 days avg.
    Then switch to !2 hours lights on.
    12 hrs lights off with NO lite leaks at all.
    You also will need a fan blowing on the plant to make it strong.
    If closet stays too hot you might have to worry about an extraction fan.
    Do you at least have yourself a Ladyclone?
    Hope I helped.
    Seems alot of people viewed.
    Too many questions.
    Do some reading here.
    There is a whole beginner's section.
  3. i just got the clone from a friend..
    shes going into a 5 gallon bucket organic soil no nutes
    ill buy the lights and the clone is off a female plant yeah..

    im not way new i was just askin for some general direction my some dept from the vets.. u really helped me so thank you.
  4. Cool. Good luck.
    I use Fox Fram Grow Big for veg and FF Tiger Bloom for flowering.

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