I have a 2.5in chromium chrusher....

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by king8128, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. i have had it for about a year and just recently i have noticed it doesnt collect nearly as much kief as it used to...ive put a qrter in there and scraped it and everything but i just still feel like it doesnt get the job done like it used to and its not like im gettin shittier weed or anything soo is it possible for a grinder to lose its touch ? time for a new one?
  2. clean up the outside of dirt. soak all the pieces in Iso. strain the iso througha few coffee filter into a glass dish. let sit, scrape and you have hash. your grinder will be like new as well.
  3. Is the screen really dirty? It could just be getting clogged up, if that the case try cleaning it with a tooth brush and iso
  4. clogged screen. iso wash, let it evaporate an ya got some nice kief to smoke
  5. yeah it has to be something with the screen because that's the only part that really has any control on you kief collecting

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