I have 3oz of Delsym...

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  1. Hey guys I have myself here one 3oz bottle of Delsym dextromethorphan polistirex extended-release suspension Cough Suppressant.

    I have never done DXM before,

    would you guys advise drinking the whole bottle now?

    I know about extracting it but i have a 5oz bottle for that tomorrow.

    Some details ill be home all night what do you guys recommend i do for entertainment while im trippin?

    ++Rep is at stake.....
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    crap never mind, It's just time released so I guess the longer the trip, umm how much mg is that exactly because delsym is pretty damn strong compared to other cough syrups
  3. my first robotrip i drank a whole 5 oz bottle. second robotrip i took 2 bottles of robotussin cough gels (dxm only, so 600mg total)...

    the cough gels beat the shit outta delsym, there was no comparison.
  4. I drank a whole 3oz bottle last night at 9pm and went to bed at 12am with no side effects..

    I woke up at 4am feeling funny and couldnt fall asleep for another hour.

    I woke up again at 10am this morning and it feels like im drunk except im not feeling as bad as you would with a hangover.

    I will have to try the robo gels next time....
  5. ...you do realize that when you give +rep it'll come up as neutral since you have one bar. So bribing people with it won't get you too far, sorry kid.

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