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  1. the fact that my bf yells at me in front of other people. I think he's an asshole. I told him I hate that part of him. Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?
  2. Whats yell?

    If hes doing it in a, obviously rude, annoying, stupid way...then no.

  3. that is a true lack of respect.
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    Fuck that he shouldn't yell at you period, much less in public. He needs to get his temper under control, and he needs to develop some respect for you. The few times I've yelled at my g/f, I did it in the comfort of our home and I felt very guilty about it. I apologized, and I've put alot of effort into getting myself level-headed. If you're in a relationship with someone, yelling at them is not the correct way to communicate a problem.
  5. You do realize that's abusive behavior, right? Why are you allowing this to happen? Either ask him to stop or leave. As long as he feels he can get away with this behavior, he'll keep doing it.
  6. It bothers me that someone would stay with a guy like that!!! All I wanna do it eat a chicks ass but nooooooo "I'd rather stay with a guy that beats me"

  7. No, you're really not. If he can't control his anger that's bad and it most likely it makes everyone around you really uncomfortable too. You shouldn't have to put up with that. Don't let anyone convince you (including you) that blatant disrespect is a small thing. He probably is an asshole.
  8. a real gentlemen never yells at his lady, you're in a bad
    relationship and i suggest you break it off, only a matter
    of time until someone like that gets physically violent.
  9. people get angry and yell. its not a big deal. he shouldnt be yelling in public. but try to talk to him before "breaking it off". its not that easy, especially if you love the person.

  10. and yet your just another girl, dating a guy who treats you like shit, and accepting it and (subconsciously) it makes him even more appealing to you.

    FACT: women respond to guys that treat them like assholes (most). I personally find this fact horseshit but i see it everyday of my life and it pisses me off. makes no fucking sense.
  11. Why did he yell at you?

    Normally dudes don't just yell at their gfs in front of other people unless there's a good reason to...

    Does he do this often?

    By often, I mean... once a year. If he does it more than that, then he's just being rude.
  12. It sounds like you know that he's an asshole..... Why deal with it?

  13. He starts to yell over really stupid shit every few months. It has happened more than once this year. I noticed the more stressed he gets with work the more he takes it out on other people. It never got physical ever. I just let him know he needs to stop the behavior this time because it happened twice within the month
  14. Very embarassing and lack of respect. You say mountains out of mole hills... so what exactly is he yelling/crying about?

  15. Arguing every few months is minimal when you been in a relationship for 5 years. Our arguments have not been in front of people in the past. Its just increased recently
  16. In front of friends is shitty for both of you. That shit makes you both look bad. I've had my girl lose her shit on me in front of friends and it's embarrassing. 95% it's because we are both drunk and won't back down.

    If you are being really nice (and I don't know you but at least consider maybe you aren't being perfect) he is an asshole for yelling at you. All these people saying a man can't yell is ridiculous. I've been with my girl for 7 years now, we've lived together for 3. I know for the first one or even two years yelling isn't really involved. Trust me, after a long time you figure out each others bullshit and dickishness. Love means looking past that and saying I'm sorry. Being human means it fucking infuriates you.

    I'd also like to mention maybe me and my girl aren't a perfect match, but we love each other and enrich each others lives.
  17. That sucks... every month you said?

    I was like that before... twice a month. But it got better as time went by.

    7 years, they say. It takes 7 years for a couple to ... actually be a couple.

    Hang in there, lady.

    And about your shouting boyfriend, just think of him as a barking dog.

  18. Every 3 months is more accurate. LOL at barking dog. I agree that it is embarrassing; not sure if he even thinks that it is at all. Thanks for all your input blades. Hopefully we will both work on communicating better. 3 strikes he's out though
  19. He shouldnt yell at you at all, unless he has some very very good reason to.
    But speaking in general terms, hell no thats not good, and you should show him consequences if he continues.
    Trust me thats the only way people learn these days.
  20. Fuck that, you don't have to put up with that.
    Tell him to sort his shit out.

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