i hate when females..

Discussion in 'General' started by FiveOnIt, May 13, 2011.

  1. .. text the whole time their on a date.
    .. complain about everything.
    .. call every other girl is hoe/cunt

    anyone wanna add anything?

    edit *
    i understand that not all girls are like this, but the ones that are, really piss me off :eek:
  2. Duck face... fuck the duck face.

    What makes girls think a duck face looks attractive in any way shape or form :smoke:
  3. If a girl is texting the entire time on a date, I don't think that she is all that into you.
  4. Cause drama.
  5. well yeah, but when your dating for a year it doesn't seem like that's possible. i'm stating this on a waaay past relationship, i don't fuck with hoodrats anymore

  6. I wouldn't text on a date with you if it makes you feel any better about it :3
  7. wanna go out on a date? :eek:
  8. Buy me dinner?
  9. My friend is like this. Whenever she comes over she has her phone in her hand the whole time. Her husband told me it's like that 24/7, even when they're out at dinner or the movies.
    People are hooked on their phones these days. I hate it. I miss the pager days when you had to find a payphone to call someone back and it was at your convenience.

  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT9YI3hAkCY]YouTube - Duck face Song and Video - OFFICIAL!!!![/ame]
  11. problem is they think you care

    set them straight and tell them you don't.
  12. - Get really clingy. Either its an innate property of women or I have that effect on them.
  13. People still go out on dates? :confused:
  14. expect to get smoked out for free because they have a vagina
  15. Seriously, how did that retarded duck face thing start?
  16. Girl: *texting* Beep beep boop
    Guy: Look bitch i dont give a FUCK who your texting. Focus on ME.
    Girl: What?


  17. What if they smoke using their vagina? What then?
  18. i just get on the phone and set up a booty call right then and there. women hate it, bitches love it.
  19. Then she better not niggga lip the blunt.

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