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I Hate This

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by da_sAUCE!, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. I hate this.

    The gap between the two weed seasons.

    In Mexico the climate supports awesome outdoor pot growth two major times a year.

    Usually in the between times when the MexiMafia are drying and curing all the middies they use the OLD DRIED UP saved reserves from past harvests to make money.

    This is that time.

    The mids I got don't even smell like weed. They smell like stale... tobacco. Or somethin... hay.... I dunno what.

    It's horrible. I rather smoke tobacco. Smells like shit when burning.... UGH.

    True SCHWAG. Oh well... the numbers boy I get mine from says that the fresh shit is about to filter in state... woot.

    I guess I'm on a t-break.
  2. I feel ya man. Since the large scale pot bust all along the bible belt to Florida, our mids have been really fucking SHITTY. We used to get mids from which a man rip would leave me blazed, but nowadays it's so shitty. So now I have to spend more money on the real quality bud. The upside is the dank shit lasts me a lot longer since I smoke a lot less of it, but ATL just sucks for good weed prices, 75-90 for an eighth of the fine shit :(
  3. I remember having issues like that in the past and it sucked. I feel for ya man. :)
  4. That is shitty. The last time I remeber having a supply problem was after Sept. 11. Even then it was only minor.
  5. All The Mids We Are Getting Here In Ma Are Trash Im So Heated.
  6. mids have been okay around here, not terribly bad. 2more months and it'll be the best mids of the year, just in time for x-mas
  7. And I Understand A Pound In Texas Of Good Mids Is 400. Its 1300 Here For Good Mids, Not Schwag.
  8. uhhh round here all the weed is rollin in from harvests. I got sum of the best mids round right now and not to mention mids round here are always great up until januaryish. But then again my mids dont come from mexicans, theyre grown right here in PA.
  9. dude the reason mids are mids is because it has to cross the border. Why would people brick shit up like the mexicans do if it's grown in-state?
  10. we dont have dry seaosons NY its mids in the winter and good shit in the summer
  11. In Cali it's either hydro or outdoor, we have no dry season, except for the weather.
  12. Cause shitty bricked up weed isnt mids, thats called schwag round here. Mids is just pretty shitty weed, but still worth its buck. And i know for a fact that its not taken over any border, its just mass produced trees, so there is lil care taken for the plants, which makes a lot of weight but low quality weed.
  13. well the weed that most people call mids is the same thing as mexican brick weed. they are one and the same. only thing is here in texas we call it schwag.

  14. The bricked up shits are the mids we have been getting since the big bust. Before our mids which costed the same as they do now, 25-35 a q and 15-20 an eighth were so much better, actually decent looking buds not all squished and got us blazed. Before it was not common to have bricked up bad shit, but now it's everywhere, no more of the good stuff.
  15. a philly person eh? im just about 20 minutes from the stadiums. you wouldnt happen to know who stole my plants, do you? :(
  16. Hailing from PA too...grow indoor dank..thats my answer...Fuck all the mids and schwag.But if you really need there are some nice nugs(mids) floating round the state.Good smooth smoke just seedy and dry.
  17. Damn man, i feel your pain, where i used to live we would get shitty brick weed from Mexico but in boulder we get consistent high mids/low highs and every once in a while some real dank herb:cool:

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