I hate this doll

Discussion in 'General' started by Hash Head, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I gotta be honest, this doll makes me M-A-D, mad!

    Toy Vault is stoked to announce the arrival of Baked van der Stoned, of the renowned Budville van der Stoneds. Baked is the first figure from our top secret Posers line! Known to his friends as Baked Baked, he was born in a purple haze at 4:20 on a Friday afternoon. Baked Baked is president of the local chapter of the Chiba Club. Club activities include baking batches of special brownies, ripping crispy bingers and burning bowls followed by the consumption of large quantities of chips, cookies, candy bars, ice cream, pizza, pretty much anything edible and some things that aren't.

    This "Poser" doll is totally making fun of stoners! Who would buy such a thing?
  2. yeah, i dont see a problem with it really...HOWEVER...some of the shit spewed on the site can be found here

    i dont think its a link to the product, its some feedback about it...

    ill quote the important parts if needed

    yeah, i mean WHAT THE FUCK...

    thats all from the same guy, and he went on to say drugs are EVIL, all drugs EVIL....however, when ive eaten nothing but ramen and microwaved mexican food for a whole day, and i take that immodium...is that evil...when i take the perscribed acid reflux medication, or allow myself to have a beer at a resturaunt, is that evil....

    sometimes i wish people werent all 12 years online, making up TRUTH facts and horrendous stories that are utterly unbelievable...

  3. what the fuck does ripping a crispy binger mean? :confused:
  4. hahahahaahah that sounds funny
  5. I dont' even get it. What a weak doll. Anyone under 13 won't even get it...

  6. LMFAO my post sounds retarded! Sounds like i'm under 13! I meant that anyone young who never smoked weed and who actually buy dolls won't even understand the joke.

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