I hate the taste of coke

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Agovita, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Anyone else? I'm not really an experienced cocaine guy, but I've done it a few times, and I like it.... but the TASTE. Like, I retch and gag and have to try not to throw up. Anyone else?

    Btw, I just railed a fat line of some pretty pure stuff and cleaned my whole house... thats what its all about :ey:
  2. you talking about the drip? cause its annoying at first but i learned to love it. and if you dont like the taste you could always try shootin your coke, although you will probably get addicted to it instantly and spend all your money on a 3 day binge.
  3. Once I get that first drip and my throat goes numb I can't taste the rest of the drips.:hello:
  4. Haha, fuck needles. Sorry, but drugs don't go in through my veins.... just something I won't do.
    Yea, the drip though, sorta. Its not the drip, but the initial railing of a line that makes me gag. The drip isn't bad so long as I have something to sip on.
  5. i love the taste, drip and the feeling of coming up my nose...

  6. You like coming up your nose?

    Weird, dude.
  7. I like the taste of coke and I love the drip.:p
  8. I love the drip of good coke. If you hate it then you gotta be getting something with a nasty cut in it or you're just.. weird.

    I dunno, but I don't see how anyone could hate the sweet taste of euphoria.
  9. Sorry, can't agree with you here[no disrespect]. I've come to enjoy the taste, grouping it as a part of the whole 'cocaine experience.' Of course, there are many drugs that will get you a longer lasting and cheaper buzz, that may be more euphoric in some ways, but cocaine does not compare to other drugs [apples/oranges], my $.02.
  10. I love the initial smell/feeling of a gator, but I do enjoy the drip as well.
  11. I agree, I hate the taste of coke too, but I love how it smells. :D
  12. To the op, what you are hating is the cut, not the coke itself. Cocaine in this country is cut, then sold, then cut gain, then sold, and so on and so on before it gets to you, the bottom line consumer. Good pase' should make u get the dips for like a minute, then it should stop and your throat should feel numb. Also, simply getting a lot of energy isnt what good cokes about either, you should simply feel amazing; what you might feel ecstasy to feel like.

    i have two words for the OP : Room De-oderizer. Sucks bro, but thats how its done, thats why i dont do coke anymore, my eyes have been opened to the trade.

    ill smoke a blunt before i blow a 20 any day of the fucking week.
  13. Maybe you're right... I'll take another trip to south america I guess, and get some real shit. I agree though, I'd rather smoke a blunt down than blow... but everything in its place.
  14. Chillllllll a nice cold coke taste mad good youre bugging
  15. I love the initial railing of the line too much for my own good.
  16. I think it says something about how I love coke too much that I adore the drip :x
  17. love the taste
    but love the burn from some good shit more
  18. maybe you got some dirty coke?
    cause what i get is pretty damn pure and it tastes amazing. love it so much.
  19. at first you hate the drip and the taste of it but eventually you will crave that feeling
  20. I hate coke. The taste aint bad at all, you prolly had ur coke cut to shit.

    IMO coke is overrated, wicked expensive and a short lived high, thats just bad news written all over it. Cause yall no when your doin lines your doin lines. :)

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