I hate that feeling.....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Morph420, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. When you accidently drop a friends pipe on the concrete and it breaks!

    Well this happened about 30 mins ago, so my friend is smoking me out, and we are standing on a secret path in my neighborhood, and we're passing it around, and it comes back to me and I'm holding it, and these 2 girls that are chasing eachother around follow us, and they bump into my hand, and the pipe falls out of my hand with the weed in it!!

    My friend is devastated, because that was his first pipe, only pipe, and he's has it for 2 years!

    The pipe hits the ground, breaks into a lot of pieces, my friend feels like crap now, I told him

    "Even though it was the girls fault, I'll buy you a new one that will be better, and it will be $40-50 when I get my paycheck in 2 weeks."

    He says

    "Alright thanks" in that kind of depressed tone.

    So then I went back to my house, grabed my pipe and told everyone to sit down, so no one drops my pipe.
  2. That happened to me and my friend. We were toking on the side of his house and i was loading the bowl on this unstable little table for some reason, and the pipe started sliding off and it hit the rocks right below the table and shattered. Luckily he just got the pipe like 2 days before i broke it so he wasnt that attached to it and then the next day we went to the smoke shop and i bought him a brand new one and everyone is happy now :hello:
  3. LOL I was trying to hand my friend the slide one time when I was really blazed. I just let it go without his hand even near it, from 4 feet up onto a tile floor. Shit shattered and he looks at me and says "Dude, you're buyin a new slide" and I just say, "Yup, :smoking:"

    Sucks you can't get him one for two weeks though dude :( Offer to let him borrow yours.
  4. Those girls who made you drop it are bitches. You should've gotten really pissed at them and made them cough up some dough
  5. The worst. My brother dropped me ex-boyfriend's ash catcher from his lux mini about 3 days after he got it. It completely shattered and I felt like shit and I didn't even do it! I know how you feel, Morph, but at least it was the girls fault!
  6. That's so lame... I would've tuned those chicks to pay.
  7. That's the worst thing ever
    I was mad drunk at this party one time, and was smoking with this girl, and I was so drunk that when I packed it, it slipped out of my hand and broke.
    She got it for free, and told me not to worry about paying her back, I still felt bad, but fuck it, I never seen her again haha
  8. make those chicks pay
    for reeaaal
  9. lol me and my friends break a pipe about every month because after we get stoned we never pay fucking attention and it gets dropped right on the floor.
  10. As long as you do get him back with a better pipe then you did your part, and smoke him out when you get it for him!
  11. damn u gotta make it right man...lol stuff like tht sucks my friends broke my pipes before and never offered to get me a new one
  12. DAmn that sucks ive only broken 2 pipes myself 1 wasnt mine but my boy was letn me use one of his spares. but yeah thats some bullshit id of been pissed at them chickz
  13. Get over it if your anykind of stoner there will be more to come...Me and my Stoner group altogether broke like 3 or 4 pipes...2 Bongs shit aint nothing but glass.
  14. I let him borrow my pipe for a few weeks, he said he's not mad and that it wasn't my fault, but I still feel bad about it.

    I'm going to be getting a medical card in December so I can smoke him out then.
  15. or blowjobs
  16. I have this old school house on my property. I cleaned the entrance out a bit. Put a radio table and a couple chairs out there. Well I had some dank, and i was passin the bowl to my friend and we both kinda let go of it, and it fell on the ground and just broke into like 2 pieces. Was pissed cuz it was a fresh packed bowl. The floor is disgusting and we couldnt even find the weed.
  17. I almost broke my bowl (The Thinking Machine) one time when me and my friend were smoking under this bridge. I was already high and for some reason was trying to balance it on my knee and it feel on the ground where all these rocks were and I heard a sound like it cracked and I screamed, "My bowl!!! Oh no!!!" I picked it up and hugged it close and kissed it and apologized. "My poor bowl, I'm so sorry." Luckily, it did not even have a scratch on it. :] phew

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