I hate smoking joints with this foo!

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    I have this friend who also smokes and we light up joints at parties but everytime he hits it he "***** lips" the joint.I aint racist its just a figure of speech stoners use..Anyway i get the joint all ***** lipped and soggy..fucking hate that shit!Some ppl need to learn how to smoke a j

    "Figure of speech" or not, it's still an offensive word and you need to refrain from using it here. - JD
  2. i know i hate when people pass me a j and its all wet on the end... noone wants to put there lips on that shit. yet, we do.

  3. Yeh that shit sucks especially on a joint cause it ruins the mouthpiece.

    On a blunt you can just wipe it off and yell at him for it.

    The way people say it around here is gorilla lipping it
  4. your gonna last a long time here jordi
  5. ANY use of the "n" word is degrading and anyone who uses it is a racist in my eyes.
  6. you may not mean to be racist, yet it still is racist. find a different term. also, if you are going to use that word, at least spell it right; durrrrrr.
  7. just another reason blunts > joints
  8. If you don't like the fact the guy lips the jay....why don't you just either
    A.) Let it be known and teach him correctly.
    Or B.) Stop smoking with him.

    That term might be a term used by a lot of stoners around your area (and around mine) but this is a public forum where people can get offended easily. If you could maybe not use the phrase that'd be great =D
  9. just a word guys.
  10. If its your friend a little criticism wont hurt.
    Just do what I do," Dude it aint a dick man just use your lips not your tounge." Then I usually follow up with ******,
    Not racist.
  11. i hate that shit, and when people slober all over the fucking bong. fuckin disgusting. but your mouth inside not over the fucking hole
  12. But it isnt though ya know?
  13. Don't be a closed minded fool.

    It's a figure of speech, and it wasn't used in a derogatory way.

    People who get all bent out of shape for the use of a single word (not used in a demeaning way) really shows how far we've gone since the olden days... I thought the world has changed to acceptance, not persecution. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  14. ^^ Ya I'll agree, it's just a term.

    All the people saying you're sitll racist for using it..... really need to chill out.

    I guarentee anyone that says it racist, makes racial jokes around thier friends, has watched some form of racial comedy(Chappelle's Show ring a bell?)

    By going around and labeling every little thing as racist, that you consider racist, then you're actualy being racist you'reself. And before you say I'm wrong go look up what reverse racism is.

    Quit negative repping the OP because everyone here has laughed at or told a racist joke at one point in thier lifetime.

    And if you haven't, then you really need to chill out and re-examine you're life.

  15. it is.

    its the people that use it a derogatory term that make it more than a word.

    buttt, i dont wanna get into a debate about this subject, because its just the same old arguments.
  16. Amen
    Not that I believe in god or anything
  17. I know man, theres this one guy in my building that gives blow jobs to every peice he smokes. He gets jays so wet they start to crumble, he left salvia all over and inside my friends bowl. I think he has extra salvitory glands or something lol.
  18. I try to stand on the other side of them so I get it before they do.
  19. Words/terms were created to show meaning. If you break down what that phrase means, it is racist.

    Go outside in a highly populated area and say that out loud and see the reactions you get.

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