i hate people who make these videos

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdkNn3Ei-Lg]Jonah Mowry: 'Whats goin on..' - YouTube[/ame]

    like.. for attention??? wutdafuq bruh
  2. So I didn't watch it, but if you hate it why did you bring it here for everyone to see? :smoking:

  3. to see if a group of stoners give him sympathy or agree with me...cause im wondering if im a bad person :3
  4. oh man that video is retarded, like if he is getting bullied.....and crying about it on the INTERNET......and he is going into the eighth grade......wouldn't that make him prone to tons of bulling????

    also, boo-frickey-hoo, cry some more please:D
  5. I fucking hate these things too. I just simply fail to see how making a sad video is going to improve anyone's life. Just imagine what he could have accomplished with the time he spent writing those stupid flash cards.

    One thing I have learned in life is bitching about things gets nothing done, it takes action to make things happen. So the fuck what that this kid does not fit in. No reason to cut your self and try and make the people around you feel bad, probably why he is a social outcast. This kid does not even know how good he really has it. Knowing that there are people out there that don't eat every day, have a computer or can even afford the index cards to write their sad story on. Fuck that kid, thanks for posting that video so I can head over to his channel and give him a dose of reality. Life sucks for most people so just deal with it.
  6. Poor little mute kid.
  7. I read the title of the thread and INSTANTLY knew before coming in here what video you were talking about lol. Yeah, those videos are hella annoying.

    brb attention whoring on youtube for sympathy instead of actually trying to change my life.
  8. Bullying sucks and I'd never agree with it. But maybe it's time to push back? How about switching school?

    I mean, sure you're going to get sympathy from thousands of screen names on youtube.. but how does that help you in the real world?

    I've been jumped. I've been teased.. I've been bullied. You can't sit there and cry about it. You have to fight back.

    The parents should step in and take him out of that school and get him away from those kids.

    I think it's sad... but I don't think his life is harder than a kids in a third world country. Time to stop playing the victim and make yourself strong. The kid is going to go to high school. Kids teasing him shouldn't be what his life is about.
  9. [quote name='"Easy Going"']

    Ooohhh the irony![/quote]

    This right here

    Op you're kinda a bad person. Just sayin
  10. Did anyone else not see "cuts and scars" when he held up the card saying look at my cuts and scars?
  11. I want to bully that kid so hard and I'm not even a bully.
  12. [quote name='"Jiggernex"']I want to bully that kid so hard and I'm not even a bully.[/quote]

    God I really hope that was a joke
  13. Nope I wanna give him an atomic wedgie.
  14. Ok now I know you are. I was about to get pretty not happy, you wouldn't like that either :smoking:

  15. nope i didnt see any.
  16. Yeah its pathetic really these videos.

    We're fucking human beings, we all deal with pain every fucking day. Its in our nature to cope with and deal with pain, its what we do.

    Some people just tough it out and move on, others go emo and cut themselves and when they bore the hell out of their friends and are told "Go make a video about it.", they do.
  17. Damn punk no wonder he's depressed all the times he cut himself and he couldn't do it right. So much easier to complain and mope instead doing something about fixing your problems and improving yourself.

    I could do without more lazy cowards.
  18. what a little bitch
  19. Don't want to get bullied? Making videos on the internet won't stop it.

    Just don't do things that get you bullied. Stop being "weird". Be a friendly relate able person and people will want to be friends with you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because you chose to be an anti-social freak.

    Everybody has haters. That is just a part of life. You could be the nicest, most helpful guy in the world and people will still hate you for any reason.

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