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Do you hate pants?

  1. Hell Yes

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  2. I like pants because I suck and like pants!

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  1. dO YOU hate pants?
  2. I like pants because I suck and like pants!

  3. I like taking off girlies pants. where is that option?
  4. I only where pants cause i hate shorts. . . .so maybe you suck for likeing shorts

  5. I have a guestion for ya... do you feed off the everygy of mens hardons? because you sure do create a lot of them.

    o yea, and i like pants, but only when you want to be wearing them, but like when its hot, fuck that pants suck.

  6. you stole my response.....:( lol
  7. I don't like pants.....but I still think everyone should wear them :p
  8. If you get a hardon just from reading, "I like taking off girlies pants", I pity you.
  9. pants can suck it
  10. Hey I like taking off girls pants. But still when its like 300 degrees outside I like to prepare myself by not wearing pants. Please people tell me you dont like pants in 300 degree weather. And if you do I hope you die a death wear things cut your head.

    - i'am not going to say chaa bitches
  11. pants are pants.

  12. I dislike pants. During college it was hot outside walking to and from class for most of the semester and for a while we didn't have air conditioning in our rooms so everytime I entered my suite, as soon as I opened the door, I'd drop my pants and walk around in boxers. It was so much better than putting my balls in a steam room. So in conclusion, pants can suck it!
  13. LOL...Leave it to Sensi to get it sexual and heated up in here! ;)

    I don't like pants in a 100 degree weather...wait, 300 degree weather. I don't like pants when it's hot. Pants aren't as bad as you all are making them out to be. Are jeans in the pant category? You guys like jeans, don't you?

  14. I was including jeans in the pants category...I don't know about everybody else...
  15. jeans are the only pants i wear when i'm not at work
  16. I think you kinda have to include jeans in pants, i mean they are pants... but the real question is... are shorts pants?

  17. LOL
    that reminds me..
    I dunno whats worse, you doing that, or me sitting around in class in soccer shorts with nothing on underneath. I bet the professor didnt know she was getting a show that day!! *hmm..I wonder if she liked it...I did get an A in that class!
  18. i dont like jeans.....but i wear cargo pants and dickies.
  19. pants used to a way of life for me but then i realised what i was doing. they were slowly killing me. So now i KILL THEM ALL OF THEN. in a non-violent way. slow and painful. they dont know what hit them! but if u want ot take up this past time of mine be sure to TAKE THEM OFF B4 KILLING THEM. ESPECIALY WITH KNIVES.

    thank u 4 calling and have a nice day
  20. your really scaring me. not thes pants tyhing. killgates

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