I hate my name

Discussion in 'General' started by high as hell, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. "Matthew"

    Is it possible to be any more uncreative? What a lame name, seriously. It's also way to common, I know around a dozen Matts.

    My parents let my sister name me, when she was 5... big mistake.

    I think I'm going to name my son Simon, or Marlo. I like Madison for a girls name.

    So I went sort of off topic, anyone else hate their name?
  2. Wtf? If I had a kid and was about to have another, Id be naming the kid, not letting some toddler name it.

  3. I know it still angers me to this day, they just couldn't agree on a name and when my sister recommended Matthew they went with it.
  4. change it then...
  5. erm..your parents name you that, why do you hate it?
  6. Don't name your daughter Madison, it's actually REALLY popular.

    And yea, I know about 6 million Matts, 5 million Mikes or Johns, but hey my name is Jessica, so I hear my name allll the time too.

    Oh well :)

    Whatever you do, don't give your kid too creative of a name.. or people will make fun of you. Examples? Apple, Phinneus and all those other terrible celeb names
  7. I'm going to name my kid Xenu to piss off Tom Cruise :D
  8. Dane Cook ruined my name :(
  9. i love that name bro, its my name
  10. i fuckin love my name man! Dawson......very few people have that name, i have NEVER met another Dawson.....i think theres one on here but ive never met him:p
  11. i like mine. Nick, its a good name for a rockstar i think... haha. i got it cus my mom heard some lady in the store bitchin out her son who was named nicholas and liked it so thats the name she gave me.
  12. Zach

    it works for me.
  13. I only know one Madison.. I don't think it's that popular.. at least in the US..
  14. Max. Not very common (kinda like a dogs name) but i still like it
  15. My best friend named his little sister "Sandy". After the squirrel from spongebob...

  16. My dad wanted to name me Max, but my mom refused. Thanks, mom!!:hello:

    Matthew is one of the four apostles. Maybe you should read more of the bible and you will appreciate it more.
  17. Does your name happen to be Robby or something-obby?

    Hahahahahahaha. Thats some funny shit. :p

  18. thats my moms name.. lol

    and to wtk, nah dude my name is Dane.. and i find Dane Cook to be extremely gay
  19. Warren isn't very common... But whenever someone says the name "Lauren" I do a double take. Its really frustrating sometimes.

    I've always wanted to be named David, I dunno why...
  20. my name is michael. i think thats a lot worse in terms of popularity

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