I hate my alarm clock.

Discussion in 'General' started by Predator1, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. It's just a generic ass alarm clock that makes the same God-awful beeping noise that most alarm clocks make.

    Thing is, when a TV show or commercial uses an alarm clock, they always use that same sound (cause it's the most easily distinguished as an alarm clock).
    But now, whenever one of those commercials comes on, and I hear the sound of my alarm clock, it makes me feel like SHIT. Only for a second, cause I realize that it's just the TV. But for a split second when I hear it, I just get this horrible, awful sinking feeling deep in my chest.

    It's weird.
  2. OMG thats how mine is.. well i use the alarm on my cell phone.. and all throughout the day I think i hear my alarm going off.. but its all in my head.

    I might try to change the tone and change things up a bit.

    Do you ever have it where you will just hear it in your head? without like hearing anything?
  3. use cell phone as alarm clock. set ringer to awesome song. problem solved

    i wake up to hits from the bong in the morning
  4. just think of it as a positive thing. be stoked that it isnt the alarm waking you up
  5. I like setting my alarm clock earlier than I have to.. then waking up.. and thinkin hell yeah.
  6. I totally know what you mean man.

    Using music as an alarm doesn't always solve it though, I woke up to the same song for about half of the school year one of my first years of high school, and for quite a long time afterwards, I cringed every time I heard the beginning of the song.

    Alarms are the devil.

    I just use the generic shit that came on my cell phone nowadays. It's lame as all hell, but it wakes me up and I don't have to ruin a good song. :p
  7. for some reason im like that with the ringtones on my phone. i hate all of them, and ive had so many bad calls that everytime i hear my phone ring it freaks me out. whats worse is i use it as an alarm as well.
  8. I'm the same way man. Hearing that noise is like nails on a chalkboard, I cant stand it.
  9. I use my cell phone as my alarm clock- because I do not have to worry about battery backup if the power goes out.

    But since I took that cat in last week- he has already caught on to when I usually wake up, so hes usually meowing or crawling on top of me about 10 minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off.
  10. hearing alarm clocks make me yell and break things. needless to say, there are none in my house.
  11. I recommend something like the Wake n Bacon...


    Now that is a stoner alarm clock... :smoke:
  12. i got that Ihome thing or w/e its called where u hook up your ipod so i get woken up to some nice music but sometimes i have it on wicked loud from the day before and scare the shit out of myself

  13. I wonder how practical this is-

    I mean being its wood you could wake up to a flaming wooden pig beside you, of course you would first frantically try saving the bacon- then put out the fire.
  14. Now, if they could just find a way to get some eggs in there…and hash browns…and some pancakes, pancakes are good…oh, and some toast, you gotta have toast in the morning…
  15. The alarm clock I have, can wake the dead, seriously. I have never heard a more obnoxious, loud, fog horn noise and the BEST part is, it has a tendency to go off.. BEFORE the alarm time.

    I use the cell phone alarm, I put it like on the second softest ring, because my cell phone alarm will keep going off until you wake up and actually remove the alarm for the whole day, just can't hit snooze lol
  16. Sounds like the breakfast I made today! scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and toast! :D yummy
  17. YEAH DUDE!!

    one time I lost my cell phone and thought I heard the alarm going off which I hate searched the whole house for it then I realized it was in my head

    10 mins later I reach in my pockd there was my cell phone :/ it was some good weed lol
  18. i know man i fucking hate it too
    it's because you associate that noise with having to end your peaceful sleep, so naturally it's going to make you mad..
  19. noone likes there alarm clock

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