I Hate It When People Post Stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. It reminds me of my forever empty stash box.
  2. Sorry to offend his royal hindass
  3. it's not the stoned ones who offend- it's the lack of decent, law abiding drug dealers out there.
  4. Now you know what you must do, you've found your mission in life. You have to start a huge ass growing operation and supply your whole town. Think about it.
  5. nah they're all scum in my town. It's a bit of a generalisation to make but the only weed smokers of any merit in my town are me and my friends. The rest are dicks.
  6. Even better, you could monopolize the market and fuck 'em over.
  7. You'll never see me on this board stoned!!!!!!

    I hide behind the screen so you won't notice!!
  8. Haha, I always post stoned:D But I'm dry now.... and broke.....
  9. I read the thread title and saw that it was Switch and said "What the fuck is wrong with Switch, today?" Because I'm always high when I post, I immediately got defensive.

    Then I read his post and saw that jealousy has consumed him. Poor Switchy boy!

    You know, I could try to transfer my highness to your 'highness', telepathically. A mind is a powerful thing and it may work. You never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It may just work..... shit man, if weed is nearly legal in England, then I MUST be psychic!!!! I MUST be!!
  11. i spend all my money on alcohol nowadays :(
  12. what good is it being legal when I can only get absolute CRAP!?!?!?!

    And it is sooo close yet sooo far.... We need only wait a few years more and BANG LEGAL WEED. IMHO
  13. yeah i hate when people post stoned too, i'm almost never stoned, even when i smoke i only get a slight buzz. Well i'm out of bud for a while, but school starts for me next week and i might get some cash paid back to me or sponge some bud.
  14. here's a bowl for all the unfortunates we have in the 'city today...

    weedlessness is NOT going to last forever, trust me!!!

    if you're ever in cali i'll smoke ya one :)
  15. thanks ganjaphish, if i'm ever in cali i'm going to have to find you.

  16. Hee-hee, you said "hind ASS!" LOL

    I never get to post stoned anymore since the worm ate the computer up at home. Sometimes the board reminds me of being at work and that is a buzzkill!

    I've been self-imposed dry and sober for a week now. Back to work, school starting up for the kiddies, lowering my tolerance level, etc. etc. God I can't wait till Friday night.
  17. If i'm not high I usually don't have anything to say so I just read. Then when i'm stoned I come back and post away just to piss off swith or snatch as I'm going to refer to him from now on ;)
  18. Quit whining and go out and find some fucking weed! I'm NOT dry and happy! Yay me! j/k

    But, seriously... I'm posting high... :p j/k

    Ok- really serious. Find some weed. That's all there is to it. You need weed. I know, my dry spells were fierce. No weed for months. But now my hookup is so reliable, I get it every other week. Too bad (for everyone else) he only has a limited number of clients. :(

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