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  1. Hate something? post it here. Then RAAAAAAAAAGGGEEEEE!!!! RAAAWWRRRRR!!!!

    I hate when you see someone you kinda know walking somewhere. you wave and say hi... then they just ignore you and walk past you.


    Your turn :)
  2. I Hate Hate Hate not having bud...rarely
  3. I hate when fellow tokers have pokemon sigs, haha i kid.
    I hate hate hate when ghetto dude's start beef with random friends who are just standing around chilling.
  4. i hate waiting for my hash cookies to kick in
  5. i hate hipsters and posers
  6. You hate thread? What did thread do to you? You know I am sure that your clothes are made from thread.
  7. I HATE HATE HATE...having multiple exams on a single day. Like today.
  8. i hate close minded people,
    and business man & ppl who only care about money
  9. Our weed is better :D and you know it.....
  10. lol yeah it is :D

    Most the dank that comes through kc is from lawrence and I can't even find a decent connect here in manhattan lol

    I need to go to lawrence soon, all my friends that go there rave about the party scene there, gotta check it out sometime :p
  11. I like the tags hahaha and I hate :
    the man
    big mean dogs that bark like they gonna do something
    people lookin down on me cause I'm poor/getto/kinda big (im actually a nice guy)
    the state
    an itch on your nutsack that is right where you cant really scratch
    people who think that cause I fight, I'm aggressive or violent
    being insane
    weak fuckin coffee (I like my coffee like I like my women, STRONG AND BLACK!)
    hurting others
  12. manhattan is still tight tho went down there on fake paddys had a great time, but if you have yet to visit you need to come party asap...shit gets wild up here
  13. I hate being a damn idiot at times...
    and I hate close minded people and ones who always think they're right..
  14. I hate hate hate finals week...

    so much #workflow

    wait this isn't twitter...
  15. I hate stuck up bitches
    I hate gold diggers
    I hate people who only hit u up to chill when they have no money and when they do they dont hit me up
    I hate hangovers
  16. I hate finals
    I hate school
    I hate college
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OimaQVC7t8g]I HATE COLLEGE - Armani Cooper (ASHER ROTH REMIX) - YouTube[/ame]
  17. The government
  18. impatient people
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOp_77i58Ks]you hipster doofus - YouTube[/ame]

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