I Hate Flakes

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kushifornia, May 10, 2016.

  1. Ok so a friend of mine called me and invited me to the party of the year .. of course i get all excited, iron out my dopest outfit, hop in the shower, shave etc .. get dressed, do hair etc .. then after a while i call & he answers & says "we (him & his party crew) have to run a couple errands .. then i'll call you when i get back to the house" i says "ok " .. some hours go by & i text'em .. sayin "wutz up?" .. he calls back & says "were
    just now leaving wal-mart, ill hit'cha up when i make it back to the house" .. i says "ok" .. now im not the type to keep chasing people but after more hours went by without hearing anything i pretty much called the night bullshit ...theres was no way i was gonna keep calling & textin this fool .. whenever shit like this happens i always get right back into my raggedy house clothes & say to myself .. gawd i hate flakes .. sometimes i wonder why i keep falling for this type of shit .. has anybody else dealt with flakes?
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  2. Hell yeah i have this friend hes pussy whipped baaadd dating his girl 2 months already talking about marrige lmao.... anyway he always flakes if she wants to chill even if we have shit planned out

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  3. Fuck that, I'd go and have a blast without your friend. Guaranteed there's other people going you know and can meet up with.

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  4. That was the problem .. i asked'em for his address & he was like "when i get back to the house ill text you the address" & i never got that text .. it was bullshit ..,
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