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I hate dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mtndairymilk, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. So I just picked up a slice from some dealer that I've never gone through before (got the number from a friend). Payed for it, got it, went back up to my room to inspect it. Looks like some outdoor or something, but has some decent trich-age so I'm hopefully that it will smoke decent. I've only smoked mids really the past few weeks so my tolerance isn't bad.
    ANYWAYS, to get to what this thread is about, upon inspecting the weed, i found one of the nugs had these weird crystals, and not weed "crystals". It looks like salt or something, and i knocked one off and tasted it and it tasted sour-ish kind of. Now, its really only on one nug, so I'm not really mad about it, but what could this possibly be?

    Did he weigh down my weed with a fuckin' crushed up sour candy or something?

    Sadly, I don't have a camera, so i can't post a picture along with this. But does anyone have any idea what this could be?
  2. no pics, didnt happen
  3. Why yes, yes it did.

    Upon further examination, it isn't only on the one nug, but theres just a lot on one nug compared to the others. I'm about to smoke a bowl right now so hopefully I don't die.

    The only camera i have at school here is my webcam on my laptop, but if I took a picture with that it'd probably just end up being shitty and blurry and not really worth the effort.

    My best guess so far is maybe he sprayed it down with a water solution with something else in it, water evaporates and leaves whatever what in there behind? Seems kind of farfetched though....
  4. there are so many people who come on here and say that there bud is laced. I dont think ur bud is laced but there may be something there, but pics would be a lot easier to guess at what he did to your weed
  5. pics or shens
  6. Alright, smoked a bowl, seems fine, nothing wrong, kinda tasted shitty but it's definetly outdoor so I wasn't expecting it to taste great. A lot better of weed than i thought it was going to be though. Definitely not lased or anything.

    I didn't say the weed was laced, weed is almost never laced. I did say that there was something on in. I know some dealers spray water, or put like crushed glass or like use other methods to make bud weigh more. I don't know what he put it, but it dissolved when i tasted it so it's not glass. I guess he just must of put something on there... hopefully not too harmful hahah.:smoke:
  7. I just realized my girlfriend has a camera. She's coming to my school for the weekend, so when she gets here I'll take a picture and post it up.
  8. LOL. He probably took some of the sugar out of the bottom of a sour gummy worms bag to make it look like some mids was loaded with crystals.
  9. Yea, that's my best guess as of now. I'm hoping it's sugar, or salt or at least something that's not gunna kill me if i smoke it.

  10. Like everyone else i doubt it was laced with drugs (and i know you doubt that too), and even if it was something strange you probably didnt smoke enough to kill you, i mean people who survive from serious house fires must inhale a lot of smoke and who knows whats burning in a house. That should make you feel better if you get paranoid...

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