I Hate Cops

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Fluke, Jun 7, 2004.


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  2. Morbid, but they deserve it!

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  3. My daddy's a cops you pot-head!

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  4. I'm stoned, and this post was trippy

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  1. I wish they were the sized of voodoo dolls, so I could stab the Fuck out of the little bastards in blue with needles, Then maybe step on them and pull there heads off with plyers. I Hate Cops.


    P.S. whats a good way to convert a cannibis-nonbeleiver?
  2. The cops aren\'t the problem.. The laws are whats fucked up..

    Just think a minute.. If some one is try to do you harm, who will you call?
    If you are in need of help, whio you going to call?
    If some one is trying to hurt the ones you love,

    Cops have a hard job to do with little pay..

    Give them a break for doing their job and trying to feed their families...

    I\'d bet that 99% of them think it\'s messed up to worry about us little potheads.. I know around these parts, very seldom does a person get into trouble with cops over a pot issue..

    1 person in maybe 2500 arrest.. Usually thats a dealer who wasn\'t being discrete. or some one who is in a family dispute or something...
  3. I\'ve just had some bad experiences with them I guess.

  4. I\'d bet that there is a reason they messed with ya..

    We all break laws and what not. but if it is illegal, don\'t do it in public..

    I\'d bet most of the members didn\'t know that it was illegal for the law to come to your house unless they are called or investigating some one there for some reason..

    The safest place on earth not to get caught is on your own property...

    What ever the reason, good luck to ya!

    One more thing.. All cops are not dickheads.. There are only a hand full that abuse their power out of millions!
  5. I know the sentiment. Cops in small, suburban towns like mine tend much more often than not to be complete assholes. They fricken\' cream their pants harassing teenagers. I hate cops that have nothing better to do than to do stupid shit like that. And I guess in some towns that\'s all there is for them to do...but you can still do your job without playing fucking mind games.

    I have great respect for cops that do important shit, like stopping crimes that actually hurt people. Cops that have power trips over stupid shit need to go.

    In summary, I agree with BudHead, but have one thing to add:

    Cops aren\'t the problem, it\'s the laws. But the cops who are assholes need to fuck off anyway.
  6. Weed need them.

  8. Speakin for the Metropolitan Pigz in London theres alot of racism within the ranks and ive been stopped and taken in a few times for not even doin anything as have alot of m8s and ppl i know from around here jus because there colored...Guess every area got there own issues with them but thats the big one around here...

  9. LOL..sorry that made me laugh..

    yea..cops are good, some abuse power, some just like little boys.
  10. HE-MAN!!!!

    He has the power of Greyskull.
  11. ya dude fuck tha pooolice they r fuckin gay they live there live to destroy ours fuck them one day ill be like termnator but a stoner android and wear hippy sshit and walk into the central poilce statin for the world and kill them all with a heat seeking gun and blow it up with bomb and put there ashes in my bowl and smoke it and raise it to god and thank him for my android like abilities that will be cool one day one....day
  12. All these innocent people here who never do fuck all wrong, reminds me of when I was in prison. lmao

    I am so sick of people whinging about cops when they wouldn\'t have the balls or the nerve to face a mugger with a gun or chase down someone who just wasted a couple of people.

    Grow up and accept responsibility for your own actions because I\'ve found that if I don\'t hassle them they don\'t hassle me. Everyone who posts on here has at some time broken the law, that and the fact that it\'s a near impossible job to do because of the LAWMAKERS earns my respect.

    Believe me no-one wants a lawless world more than I do but most people would last about 10 seconds in that kind of world.
    You have to be insane to even think the world would improve, I am insane I suppose..But then I do like the dark side.

  13. You have quite the imagination.

    But on another note. In the U.S. the police will not mess if you if your smoking in your house. And if you get stopped and have small amount of posession (9 grams or less) they won\'t give you ticket if you give up the bud freely (like when they ask you). The police just get pissed when there lied to.

    For exampe, the police came over my house once when we were having a big smoking session. The music was too loud. They asked if anyone in there was smoking marijuana. I said yes, and they just said to keep the noice down and to keep the smoking inside. I said ok, and they left.
    The End
  14. For the most part, it\'s the laws that are an issue. Sadly, many have the misfortune of coming across those particular few cops who are complete fuckheads.
  15. I dont hate every cop, just the ones that smoke out them selves and try to bust you for the shYt
  16. It all depends on where you live and how lucky you are. Most of the cops around here are about average but right over in this nearby suburb they\'re well known for being complete assholes.

    Simply put there are good cops and bad cops :p

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