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i hate calling dealers!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by oddis, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. dealers are always so careful about there selling, i can anderstund this, but they can atleest smile a bit, i am always scared ass shit when calling a knew dealer, i get my numbers from my smoking buddies, i usually have a regulare dealer but when he is out oh kif what shall i do, i hate calling new ones, but is this wrong 2 doo? what do you think?:confused:
  2. new faces always stress dealers out.. dont take it personally.
  3. Don't worry they want to sell their shit as much as you want to buy people sometimes scare them for obvious reasons...just be cool and use slang when you call them...I know I get pissed when people call me and are like "hey dood can you front me an eighth?!" ask them if they're on deck and then meet up with them if they seem cautious to talk about stuff over the phone.
  4. ^^ Yeah thats true...U gotta look at their pov to them u could be a cop...Usually when i meet new dealers, which isnt often, i do my best to smile and be respectful just to get on good terms.
  5. I hate calling dealers you dont even know, like if a friend gives you someones number and then you call them and your like "uhhh yeah I got your number from so and so and uhh I heard you can hook me up" you almost feel like your about to get shut down because I know if I was the dealer and some random dude called me up Id think he was a cop.
  6. Hahah, the first time i met my dealer i had no idea who he was... My boys went to him so one night i went upto his house and sat in the car with my friend arguing who would go in. So of course i end up going in and some huge dude answers the door and i was like is ___ there? So i go upstairs an hes playin PS2 an im like "Whats good? You got a dub?" he gave me it an i continued "I was contemplating wether i should knock on the door seeing as you dont know me, im always sketchy about this type of ish" Turns out he liked my style/attitude and now were pretty good friends.
  7. How would act if you knew at any point the guy you're standing in front of could shout "POLICE, GET DOWN!" at any time and put your ass in jail for 5+ years. I bet you wouldn't smile.

    But yeah, I hate calling new dealers as well, but for different reasons. Mostly I have no idea how legit they are, or if they'll rip me off, or rob me, or lace it (not likely) or more likely just sell a light bag.
  8. If you're calling a dealer that you heard through a friend, it's a good idea to bring that friend with you, or have him tell the dealer "Hey, a buddy of mine named ____ is going to call you in 2 days". Don't say anything revealing over the phone. Just something like "Hey, and so-and-so's friend, he should have told you a couple days ago that I would be calling, is it alright if we meet up?" Bring the friend with you. Let him know that you're trying to be safe. Say something along the lines about how you appreciate how cautious he is, because safe for him means safe for you, and vice versa. Start this way, and you should have no problem building a healthy relationship with a dealer.
  9. smoke a bowl or two with them, that should give you some +rep
  10. I agree 420420420 smoking a bowl with them seems to be such a great ice breaker.

    edit: and no I really do not think it's possible to smoke a bowl with him prior to the first call. I'm just very baked. If you can forget I was ever in this thread. mmhmm Thanks. :smoke:
  11. yeah i hate calling my dealer, even though i've been friends with him for a few years, im just always scared he's gona say he's got no bud :(...

    ...but he usually has bud :D
  12. If the dealer is cool the ice should be broken after the first time you smoke a bowl. Rather than me speaking to a random new dealer, I always inisited on my friends the introduction, preferably face 2 face. Like he calls, dealer comes, I pay, and smoke a few bolls and maybe grill some meat. This breaks the ice pretty good.

    But if the dealer gives crap deals, overcharges, doesn't come on time, I'd just grow...
  13. i live with my mom, it isn't easy 2 grow in my little room! do you have som trix? becouse my mom don't check my stuff, but sometimes she are cleaning in my room! but i can keep a lock on my closet! ehat shall i do!
  14. i just recently picked up a few new dealers....its through my friend who acts as a middle man but ive met him once, since he works at a local pizza shop jsut call up make n order and meet outback....he's sketchy, but its understandable
  15. " live with my mom, it isn't easy 2 grow in my little room! do you have som trix? becouse my mom don't check my stuff, but sometimes she are cleaning in my room! but i can keep a lock on my closet! ehat shall i do!"

    Eh...growing indoors hardcore will be complicated because ur mom or father has control over the electricity bill. Looks like ur mom is not cool w/ weed and you're her dependent now. I'd not do it, in general.

    Can't you grow outdoors??? I'm sure you can grow weed in Norway. If it grows in Chitral- it will grow in Norway. Just look at the varieties which grow in your climatic conditions. I also know the authorities in Norway don't give a shit if u use non private lands. Just don't make it obvious that u'r egrowing buds though.

    Unless you're a heavy reader and have read alot and know the literature about indoor growing, I don't recommend growing indoors.
  16. Dude needs to learn how to spell.

    I love calling my dealer though. That means I get to roll over to his crib and play with his son (born 6 months ago) and see my favorite dog Daisy. And we smoke some blunts and watch a movie or play games or something. Everything is chill and he's real square with prices.
  17. well growing outdoors in norway is like impossible, it is not the right temps! but my mom don't like i do the mj, but she knows i "DID" it, so i don't actually care, but i would like it to stay this way... and i pay like 12 us$ 4 1.0 Gram! is this 2 much? thx btw for the hints..
  18. i just text msg my dealer most of the time; but i had to call him the first time cause he wouldnt answer my msgs.
  19. oddis: It all depends on quality and how anal your police is about cannabis. In the US(at least LA when I was there), good indoor grown shit costs $20 per gram.

    Out here, in South Asia, you can get some really potent outdoor grown varieties grown in the wilds. I dunno tourists here pay 50 USA cents per gram for some good quality herbs.

    I dunno man- it all depends on ur place. And...are you SURE weed cannot be grown in Norway??? I mean, the temperatures in places like Chitral grows pretty freaking cold and I tell 'ya weed grows pretty freely there in the wilds.

    Do a research on cannabis grown in Chitral or something man...good luck tho.
  20. fuck it, they give me there number for a they gotta make there money, so just call em up, let them know who you are an say the price you want, thats the way it goes for me at least...i never pay the full price on anything from him either....

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