I hate being broke.

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  1. So I haven't been able to keep a job longer than 3 months since I dropped out of college(I want to go back but right now, expenses can't afford it). I've browsed all sorts of job listings from local papers to careerbuilder.com. Nothing has produced results, it's been almost a month since my last job and things are starting to look really grim. Bills are piling up and the stash can't fill itself. Should I just suck it up and take the night shift at the local mcdonald's? Or should I wait it out and hope to find a decent paying job that requires little to no experience. My future housing depends on this decision and the way the economy is right now does not help my situation.

    :smoke: Any ideas folks?:smoke:
  2. Any job is better then none imo. Apply everywhere, even at your local mcdonalds.

    If you work at mcdonalds, and you get a better job offer, take it.
  3. good luck with the job hunt man. the only advice i can think of is to make sure you go back to school.

    our economy is shit right now
  4. hey man the best advise anyone is gonna give you is, little income is better than no income.

    Take the Mcdonalds job, then job-hunt for another job.

    If construction is doing ok in your area, try getting a job as a laborer. I worked in construction for most of my summers in high school, made 20 bucks an hour no tax(technically illegal but whatever) and i'd put in 10 hour days.

    Be prepared for some hard ass work tho, i was carrying 180 pounds worth of roofing and siding at a time, loading it onto a boat, and then driving that boat to the property we were working on(on a small island, building a vacation home)

    Still, its mad money, especially in this economy.
  5. yup your above mcdonalds.... but its called oppurtunity
    (i think i got that from that Bill Gates thing lol)
  6. If you have a UPS facility in your area you should look into that. Depending on where you live they offer either full tuition or $1500 off a semester in addition to making $8.50 an hour starting then $9.50 90 days later.
  7. its ok mate .
    juss grab ne job n things will start tae imrpove :)

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