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  1. My friends threw a rager last night, I just got home took a shower and am ready to leave for work.

    I'm regretting those decisions everytime I opened a new beer. I should have just smoked weed. Ended up pukin my guts out last night, Just got caught up in the super fun scene. I'm still not sure why I drink so often cuz I am terrible with that shit.
    Gimme some green:cool:


    peace out, hope everybodies Friday night was as ?Successful?(fuck its painful to say that's what last night was) as mine was. I'm looking forward to sitting on my porch tonight and burning as many bowls as possible.

    Right after I get my hangover cure before work.....
  2. You should say you hate your decisions and inability to hold alcohol. It's like any drug, do too much, get sick.

    I do hope you're feeling better.
  3. Moderation = win
  4. It's not alcohol's fault you kept drinking.
  5. Alcohol really isn't fun in high doses, but since it lowers your inhibitions you need more willpower than most drugs to use it in moderation. I've never really enjoyed alcohol but If I am going to drink I will never get past tipsy, because then it's just not fun. Other people may disagree but blacking out and getting sick and having a hangover isn't fun and isn't good for you.

    If you can just drink small amounts in order to feel a buzz going then there's no need to keep going, just enjoy that feeling.
  6. Went to a house party last night, but I don't get out of control. Smoked a couple blunts before getting there, and just drank til I was feeling good. Then we dipped out the back as soon as the 5-0 showed up
  7. I have a friend who always goes on about how much she HATES alcohol but then when its available she drinks like there is no tommrow...

    I ALWAYS have fun when i drink simply because I know my limitations...I don't get into fight, don't have sex with girls i don't want to, no bullshit because I know my limit...hmm..who woulda thunk it?
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    Ah after 8 hours of that torture bus I remember why I don't party very often...

    Yea I agree with all of you. Moderation is where it is at and usually I follow that faithfully. I usually smoke a lot at parties and just drink beer when I am thirsty. But last night I only had one joint and didn't bring my bag(5-0 was out in force, didn't feel like riskin it). So I drank(and drank and drank) and later I puked(and puked and puked) and this morning I woke up in a random bed with my cell phone jabbin my junk. Parties... Nothin better.
    I also need to add its been a looong time since I drank that much. I'm not a big partier, Not into the bro brah vibe at most parties but last night I was with some old friends and I was ready to go.

    I kinda feel bad saying I hate alcohol. I don't hate it, I just am not a fan. I like smoking herb because its clean, no hangover and you can still remember everything the next morning(haha usually....Unless its SupaDank)
    But it was fun. I learned from it. And the hangover wasn't terrible.
    LOL i just noticed another guy just posted a thread verrrry similar to mine.....

    Edit TO Add: I was also the hero of the night because the one joint I rolled was one of my best works. Super clean, super fat and it was some ddank. Made it around the circle of like 10 people TWICE! I was amazed, but so stoked when it came back to me.
  9. Thats why beer sucks, and liqour rules.

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