I had to beat my friend up...

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  1. This happened like two hours ago.

    Me and my best friend work in a small coffee shop together during summer (not the good kind :() and its thursday afternoon so the place is pretty empty and me and her are like the only two staff in the building.

    Anyway a good friend of mine, who happens to be her boyfriend, comes in and out of nowhere just starts flipping out and screaming at her, he said "I'll fucking kill you, you selfish cunt" and then he picked up this plate and threw it at her. And i was blown cos we had nothing to do apart from hotbox this secret closet that we found so I was freaking out a bit, but I went over and said 'dude you gotta leave or i'll call the police'. And i didn't want to call the police one of my close friends. But then he attacks me, swings a few punches, but I'm a pretty big guy at 6'7 and about 210 pounds, so I overpower him, but he kept trying to attack me so I had to beat him up cos he's pretty strong and I was worried if he managed to beat me up he would go for his girlfriend too.

    Anyway one of the customers called the police and they came and arrested him. I just got back from making a statement and all that stuff. And because i was shook up I got extra blown when i got home just now. And now it just occurred to me that what if he actually had reason to flip out at her. Like she said she had no idea where it came from, it was just totally out of the blue and everything was fine between them earlier that morning. But now I'm thinking if her boyfriend found something out about her that made him freak out like that, then she probably wouldn't tell me about it either. Maybe he just went crazy.

    And just now i coughed into my bong and blew out the weed. I've never ever done that in my life until today. It's been a bad day GC! Sorry if that made no sense. I've just come off a two week t-break :smoke:
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  2. I approve dude. If any of my lady friends' man were to come pull shit like that, can't say I wouldn't do the same.

    Good job defending your best friend. You handled it

  3. I don't know what reason any dude would have to hit a women...You were in the right...I'd beat my friends ass too if he got outta line...If a muthafucka wants to hit on somebody he better sure as hell hit another dude
  4. Well it doesnt matter what she did to him,he shouldnt lay a hand on her.
  5. no man EVER has any reason to hit a woman. You did the right thing.

  6. Copycat.
  7. What if a girl gets drunk and starts actually trying to kick your ass? And what if she makes a fist and punches you in the face 3 times hard as helll?
    And what if she is trespassing and you ask her to leave 10 times and she starts breaking your dishes and smashing all your stuff in your home cause she's high on pills?

    I'm not advocating the abuse of women.
    But the whole, "never hit a girl thing" is an ideal that most people try to carry until a girl comes along who's actually able to injure them.

  8. Okay..Your completely correct..there are EXTREME instances where it might be okay to hit back BUT in this instance OP said he's 6'7'' 210lbs and had a hard time with this guy...But i understand where your coming from...In a worse case scenario than you may hit back but make sure there aren't any other options first...
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  9. I think you made the right decision. Well, except blowing weed out of the bong. But maybe that is karmas way to tell you that you shouldn't smoke to cover up problems. Deal with it first and then treat yourself. :smoke:
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    damn something set that boy off, he went madd psycho!
    you did the right thing!~ who knows he might have done murder:eek:

  11. Been in that spot once or twice.


  12. Been in that spot ONCE... Proud to say I didn't hit the bitch.
  13. I don't think you should hit a woman, unless it comes down to she's trying to knock the teeth out of your head, or break your bones or strangle you.

    I think anyone who's strangling someone, or punching them in the face ought to expect to get the shit knocked out of em, but so many young girls are raised to think they don't have to be accountable for their actions. (not all of them, i know there are more nice ladies out there than there are these crazy kinds, but even you "normal" women know that like 4 out of 5 of you have hit a man before).

    BUT, you should only hit them once. You can't beat the girl up. If she's punching you in the face and strangling you, try and make her stop, then leave her alone. Try to run away. If she chases you, trip her one time then keep running, make sure that when the police show up, (if they do), that it's obvious you were being assaulted.

    I mean, you can't just give half the population a get out of jail free card on assault.
  14. Props to you bro, I would have done the same thing if it were my friend. +rep.
  15. Yea you did the right thing. Hopefully he will understand that you had no choice but to do what you did. You gave him a way out and he didn't take it. I always say that certain people look at a way out as a way in to conflict. You give them the rope and let them hang themselves. In this case you gave him the rope and he wanted to be a cowboy. His choice on a hard learned lesson
  16. just the other weekend, my ex got kinda like that ^ and was screaming at me to hit her, make her hurt, etc, but i only pushed her down onto the bed and told her to calm the fuck down and stop being a cunt. i also threw her shit out and told her to get outta the room we were in.

    i ended up hitchhiking home the next day, ~250 miles, just so i wouldn't have to be near her the rest of the weekend.

    glad to say i didn't hit her.

    we've since talked about it, and she said she was just trying to get me to hit her so she could hit me some more.
  17. the ONLY time that it is ok to hit a woman...

    is when she's not in the kitchen :ey:
  18. I think you're exactly right. I think she is lying and she knows exactly why he's pissed off.

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