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  1. i had the idea of splitting my room in half since i have plenty of height (and don't neccesarily want that much height, i'd rather have width) and using the bottom as my clone/seedling area. I don't need much more than 3' for the little clone/seed setup and that still leaves me with 5 feet to flower in...

    my only dilemna is since i'm going to be cutting an intake vent into my floor for air circulation in conjunction with my inline fan in the ceiling...do i want the germ room under the flower room or above it...i kinda also had the thought that if it was in the 3ft above it i could use the heat and therefore humidity produced above my light for my seedlings...i'll plumb my DWC buckets through the floor and out the side of the house more than likely....
  2. Biggest mistake noobs make is thinking how little space they need, get and use as much room as you can

    most opt for a 2x2 tent..makes urs 4x4 or bigger

    good luck
  3. true...my germination/clone station can go virtually anywhere...i was even thinking just under my desk. still though if i ScrOG right I shouldn't have plants taller than about 3' and i should have room...then again with my foot or so of "work room" for electrical stuff, pumps, and plumbing plus the actual height of the light...yeah you're right I should use every inch of my closet for flowering. I've been reading about ScrOGing and it seems I could almost get them trhough veg with the T5 in about 3-4 weeks and then just flower for the remaining time in the closet under the HPS.

    it still seems more natural to start the seeds under the T5 for about a week or 2 tops, move them to the MH, veg for a few weeks according to the feeding cycle (i've decided to use ROCK nutrients; at least that's my pick for now) and then flower under the HPS cranked up while LST'ing and using the screen and horizontal method the whole time. also i plan to add some blue/red flood lamp cfl's along the sides or as needed.

    thank you for any input and advice and suggestions, tips whatever......all is appreciated

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