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I had a seizure last night.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by uburu, May 9, 2011.

  1. Okay, so this Saturday I got a gram of mids from an extremely trusted family member. I was planning on having fun that night and smoking a bowl, everything was going to go good. Well, Saturday night I was playing wow and browsing 4chan when I decided to go smoke my bowl. I hadn't smoked in a good 3 and 1/2 weeks, but I have smoked a lot in my short time. I am not a complete noob, I can handle big hits of dank like a boss. So anyway, I went outside and I smoked a pretty tight bowl. I finished it up, went back inside and my friend and I proceeded to watch youtube videos. One thing to note is that I remember complaining to myself that the screen was bright, and I had a slight irritation in my eyes, but I ignored it. (I am not epileptic) Continuing, I ate a half bag of doritos and a nutty bar, when i was done... I got on my computer and started browsing 4chan again. I came across a gore thread. Gore doesnt normally bother me. I can usually see some pretty fucked up stuff and Ill just shrug it off or laugh or be like "thats fucked up." That night was definitely a different story. After seeing a video of a woman burning alive trying to get out of her car... I felt a little weird. I continued and came across a gif of a woman being beaten to death by (I assume, her boyfriend or significant other). The woman is thrown to the ground, and you see her yell "Im sorry (persons name)." She is then hit across the face incredibly hard with a spiked bat (or other weapon that can rip flesh). Her face is ripped through, she says "Im sorry (persons name)" again... Shes hit across the face a second time, more flesh is ripped off, and she says im sorry again. The THIRD time, he hits her... Her face is completely mutilated but you can still see her lips utter "Im sorry..." The fourth time... the camera is hit and you assume that she was murdered.

    At that point I was petrified. I couldnt move, my hand was covering my mouth... The high was making me look way deep into it. I couldnt control my thoughts, my heart was racing. I ended up sitting there watching it over and over. I shut it off... leaned back... and I started feeling sick to my stomach. I went to the bathroom and locked the door (automatic reaction). I hunch over the toilet and start texting my brother Isaac. The texts are as follows:

    Me - Please tell me youre awake.
    Him - Why
    Me - I need your help i have to call you
    Him - I was going to bed I dont feel like talking at all :(
    Me - I am going to throw up my mind is going crazy over some shit that I saw I feel like im going to explode..."

    At that point, I fell back onto my knees. I didnt finish the text. I literally felt like I was being squeezed (metaphorically) by the hand of god. I felt heavier than the earth. Disturbing images of the womans body decomposing were scouring over my mind. I couldnt control my thoughts... I genuinely felt like I was going to die. I then started feeling a heavy blacking out feeling. I blacked out, hit my head (I have a knot to prove it), and then...

    I woke up, eyes fluttering (I could see the ground flashing as if I was blinking fast), convulsing (violently shaking back and forth), and repeating this weird noise over and over. I equated the feeling to being electrically shocked. This was a short period of time, maybe 20 seconds. I slowly regained my strength as I tried to push myself up... I was completely and utterly scared. I thought I was in HUGE trouble (as far as my life goes), and I wasnt sure what to do. I regained my strength, went into my room, plopped down and told my friend that I had just had a seizure. I finished the text that I meant to send earlier, texting "I just had a seizure."

    At that time, I was fatigued, had a killer headache, and I also felt like my bones were being pierced (not exactly an extreme feeling, it didnt hurt horribly or anything)

    The rest of the night is not really necessary to know. I want to find out what caused this. My moms boyfriend says it was the shock from the image and the weed multiplying the affect. I want to get over my fear of smoking that weed so I can smoke again. I need reassurance and advice guys. That same weed was smoked by my moms boyfriend, and he hasnt had a seizure.

    I will post pics of the weed with my iphone, (decent quality, youll be able to see the detail) if requested.

    Thank you,

  2. I don't think you should be watching gore when you get baked... If the weed wasn't laced I think you had too much and had a bit of a 'green out'.
  3. thats fuckin crazy. holy shit
  4. a fucking seizure is not a green out. are u serious?

  5. Thats what I was thinking. I think i green'd out and the affects from the gore (disturbance), added to that. I have never had a seizure before though. It was an incredible yet horrifying experience.
  6. :rolleyes: I've seen it happen before, you have no idea what you're talking about. Or maybe OP has a medical condition that hasn't been identified yet..
  7. You deserved that. Seriously, who watches shit like that? I should have filmed you seizing up and put THAT on the internet.
  8. why would you even watch that kind of shit in the first place?
  9. I came across it. I did not search for it.

    EDIT: 4chan /b/ is completely random, I go there for the funny stuff. But every now and then people start gore threads and the curiosity is overwhelming.

  10. /thread
  11. holy shit! serves you right for watching that shit..way too fucked.
  12. Yea, the only thing i can think of was the video was too much traumitization and it just fucked your head up way too much, especially since you were high. Not caused by the weed, but definitely the gore.
    This was the first wall of text i actually read throuh due to the title being so shocking, my best hopes go out to you man. Be careful, and good health.
  13. Shits whack, intense.

  14. Please not /thread.
  15. It's obvious. You must be possessed. :smoke:

  16. Thank you. Im sure it wasnt the weed alone, but the weed and the trauma from the gore.
  17. Yeah its a bad mix, i cant handle gore that well.
    But when i say my best hopes go out to you, i really do meen it, im genuinly concerned for you man. If you wanna go more in depth with anything, feel free to PM me.

  18. Thank you so much. After experiencing this, its really hard for me to not think about it when Im about to smoke. I am afraid of smoking now because of that experience. I dont want to think about the image again and then have another seizure.
  19. dude weed intensifys all your senses and emotions.. i saw that you began to think about it a lot which was not a good idea. i have friends who throw panic attacks because they cant handle they dank. try to watch something funny or entertaining and you will not have the problem. to smoke you must be in the right setting and you must always do something enjoyable. i think you were really high. smoke a little less

  20. Well hey, that's not nice

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