I had a fight last night...with a man

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  1. So about 6:30 last night my friend Lisa picks me up and takes me to her cousin Jade's house. Jade's dad works away a lot so he isn't going to be back until next Wednesday and we had the house to ourselves. I walk in and it's Jade, her other cousin Shane (who also lives there) and these 2 guys I've never met called Kyle and Matt. Lisa rang her dealer who said he was dry so Kyle rang his brother J. J turned up in less than 5 minutes outside in the car, so me and Lisa gave Kyle our money and he went outside with Matt to pick up the weed.

    NOW, before you say anything, Lisa has known Kyle for over 2 years and she trusted him enough to give him our money and knew we would get weed in return.

    So they went outside, came back 5 minutes later and handed over the weed. This deal was pitiful. We both put in £10 each and a 20 bag around here should weigh about 3.5g. This fucker weighed around 1.7g. We were pissed. Usually this guy gives Lisa fat deals but this time we were just shocked. Matt gave us all this bullshit about how J got caught recently and is trying to save money for his pregnant girlfriend before he goes to jail at the end of the year, so he's giving out shitty deals right now.

    Me, Lisa and Jade smoked a few blunts and after a while I was feeling pretty stoned. Kyle and Shane had a few tokes then went upstairs. I go upstairs to the bathroom and hear the guys in Shane's bedroom rapping about vaginas, it was fucking hilarious. So I brought the girls up to listen and we just stood on the landing while they were giving each other tips on how to be more confident and shit like that. Funny stuff, I wish I recorded it. But then we heard this.

    Matt: Hey guys...I have something to tell you.
    Matt: I stole a couple nugs off the girls.
    Shane: WTF, those are my cousins and a good mate. Why would you do that?

    At this point I thought, fuck this, and I walked through the door. I had a huge row with Matt and during the shouting he got off the bed and was coming right up close in my face. I reached for his pocket to get our weed back and the fucker pushed me into a door. So I punched him in the face and he fell back onto the bed. It felt good until he rugby tackled me into a wall. I couldn't get him off me and realised that he's a lot bigger than me and there was no way I could win, so I reached under and squeezed his balls til I thought they would pop. He cried. Everyone laughed at him. While he was on the floor cradling his crippled manhood, I reached into his pockets and took back our weed and also his lighter and £15. I told him that if he steals out of our pockets, I'll steal right back out of his.

    If you're wondering why anyone didn't stop us, they were trying to. It all happened really fast and to be fair they were trying to pull him off me.

    I just hate people like that though. You let them have some of your weed, treat them nice, give them a beer. And they steal off you and push you and shit. Even though I'm a girl :| Ungrateful wanker.

    On a happier note, I had a blunt while walking to work this morning and I'm feeling gooooooood. I also stopped in a shop and bought Jaffa Cakes, roast chicken pieces, Choc Dip (google it, the toffee flavour) and some cookies. So I'm scoffing right now. And it's my last day in this hell hole :D Sweet.
  2. Good for you! Don't let fuckers like that steal your weed. Excellent job, you.
  3. Thats fuckin hilarious, that prick got what he deserved.
  4. Haha you're a bad ass, you did the right thing though you go girl!
  5. Ha. He did get what he deserved. I stole his cigarettes too. Stupid little bitch. I don't think I'll be telling my fiance though, he might not let me out to play :p
  6. damn sounds like you straight whooped his ass. I almost feel bad for him, if he didn't deserve it,

    paybacks a bitch for real. an I can't imagine how much pain he was in, Jus thinkin bout gettin my

    nuts squeezed like that gives me chills. sounds like you got mad squabbles girl.

  7. I wouldn't do anything like that unless I was provoked. Which I was. I mean, I'm only 5'3 and he's well over 6 foot and is just bigger than me. He pushed me first AND stole my weed AND bitched about Jade even though it was her house he was in. You just don't do shit like that, and you especially don't steal weed off girls and push them around. It's his own fault.

  8. I understand why you did it, but if I wer ehim I would have cracked your fucking skull. Shame on me for stealing, shame on you for thinking 2 wrongs makes a right.
  9. Props, sounds like you can take care of yourself and its good you showed that bitch what time it was. :smoking::p:D

  10. So you would've stolen my weed and then "cracked my fucking skull" when I went to get it back?

    You are a baaaaaaad little boy.

    I don't get what I did wrong anyway. I don't like people pushing me around, and I especially don't like it when men think they can just because I'm smaller than him. Just self defence fucker.
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    I thought i read somewhere that you were pregnant? uuhhh huh if u were, i doubt u would wrestle w/ some dude

    EDIT: im pretty high. maybe that wasnt you lol
  12. I had a miscarriage. I posted a thread about it.
  13. oohhh. sry dear. so u ripped some dudes balls off cuz he came honest and admitted that he did something wrong? Hope his stuff aight (not in a gay way) lol

  14. s'ok. No, if you would read the post properly you would understand.
  15. yeh hit a woman, see where that gets you.

    intensive care unit on life support with 30 broken bones
    and a fire hydrant stuck up your ass.
  16. Dude seriously, stfu understand what I MEANT by it instead of thinking I'd hit a girl for no reason.

    Laura, I meant for reaching into my pockets I'm all for calling people out but putting your hands on them no way. Unless he places his hands on you first which you stated you went for his poickets therefore putting you in the wrong.
  17. so you think its ok to hit a chick over trying to get into his pockets??

    i hope i meet you one day and im not kidding.
    your bostons scummiest.
  18. HE STOLE MY WEED. Are you telling me that you wouldn't reach for the pockets of someone that just admitted they had your weed? After you'd given them some already, gave them beer and also a few cigarettes?

    There is no way in hell I was in the wrong. And I think every single person here would agree with me.
  19. You were wrong to decide to make it physical he stole your weed, ask for it back. If he says no THAN physically approach the situation. 2 Wrongs don't make a right.
  20. And then stole his cigarettes

    haha what a gangsta


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