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i guess luckys had enough

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. ....that was the clearest thought that ran through my head when he body slammed me and took me down.

    maybe it was the costumes....he was also a unicorn and the scary guy
    could be all the kittens all over his stuff, eatin his food crawling in his water....
    really mighta been the costumes, the unicorn didnt fit so well

    i was palyin around with him awhile ago he looks at me kinda funny and just runs an hits me with his big fat chest.totally knocking me down and stands on laughing because i cant believe this he looks at me funny and uses his thumbs (didnt know they could) and attaches himslef to still laughin, still cant believe this shit. then the dog that has been neutured since he was 4 months old TRIED TO HUMP ME! he's attached with at least 17 claws. im still not beliveing this shit!!! other people are laughing and im asking for help
    i had to stop laughing to kick his ass, but i did it.
    he's still looking at me funny
    and i now have gashes that are surely gonna scar

    im no animal physic but i think he's tryin to tell me somthing :D
  2. He must really like ya!

    Maybe he is still affectionate for a beautifull female like yourself...
  3. lol, a couple of min ago my FEMALE dog started humping me.... not cool, so I feel your pain
  4. AAH scary, my grandparents dogs used to try and hump each other - they were brother and sister. Not good.

  5. Yeah, uh.. That's not so good. Truthfully, that's just plain fucked up..

  6. ha ha ha ha ha .......ha ha ha ha ha ......ha ha ha ha ,as soon as l stop laughing l,ll think of something to say l,am sure . ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ,lol,ha ha :D

  7. It is funny eh critter? I am surprised you haven't made a comment yet.
  8. i suppose id think it waaay funny too had it been someone else. :p

    cows right "not cool"

    i,i,...i just still cant believe he did that to me.... an he's still lookin at me kinda wierd
  9. my dog never looks at me any different ever. I think she is partially retarded, and I know that's kind of mean, but I really think its true. She never has any clue as to whats going on.
  10. HIGH All, *LOL* just like a typical male...he's just trying to dominate you HIGHa*LOL*
  11. That's what you get, Higha! Poor Lucky, you shouldn't torment him like that. I hope he humps you again today.


    My dog is all boy...he has all his parts and he's never humped anyone...just his blankie...of course, I don't torture my dog with costumes and things like that.
  12. unoit your exactly correct....
    but i figured the real problem. i kicked mr big stinky off the couch, moved his blanket and everything...we let him back on and he's all happy again.
    cow, i know exactly what you mean we had a lab like that his eyes just kinda rolled around, not a thought to be seen in em. we also thought he was kinda retarded, he mighta been. im tellin ya notta thought in that dogs lucky he's a different story.....
    I SAW HIM THINKING..."damn that woman, ive had enough of everything, look lady i can knock you down if i want to"..."see"...(thats when he stood over me barked in my face looked into my eyes...and had another thought "ooh, you think this is funny do ya, well not only can i knock you down stand on your shirt and pin you down,well woman i believe i can dominate your butt as well.WOOF"
    then last night he said "hey lady,.... (he really calls me momma like everyone else but i dont want any of ya to think im craaaazy) "hey lady, would you please put my blanket back on the couch move that ugly cat and let me back up"?
    then he was sooo happy, he stopped lookin at me wierd, thanked me and went to sleep


  13. omg!!! lmao... i swore i was done with the lucky thread till i saw this...HUMP YOUR MAMA, LUCKY!!!! HUMP HER HARD!!!!! :p
    *shaking my head....jilly,jill,jill jill.... humpings of the momma are NOT aloud.

    highgirly, hes a pit mix,(we like to think) .....the vet just calls him a pit bull.he's registered with the dog warden as a dalmation/thing (he's very large white monster with browinish spots)
    ummm, somtimes we tell people he's a beagle :D

    still shaking my head.......jilly.....

  14. HIGH All, *LOL* @ RMJL...........HUMP HER HARD!!!!!!!!!! *LOL* I can't stop laughing!!!! unoit pictures Lucky just a HUMPING HIGHa's leg...*LOL*
  15. You notice how Higha isn't here right now? She's being HUMPED by Lucky.

    Lucky Lucky!!!! LMAO!!!

    I'm sorry Lil' Indian Dude but you posted this have to deal with the jokes, now. Share some more stories. I need more bait!!!! :p

  16. um,..... your laughin WITH me right?

  17. UHHHHH.....sure I'm laughing WITH you...never AT you. :) I might be laughing AT what Lucky might be doing to you, though. :p
  18. Well not exatly with you a bit more the visuals of lucky looking deep into those beautiful eyes of yours and thinking your all mine momma.roflmao. "thats with you not at you" .:D...l,ve been looking but carn,t find just the right smilie.bugger.
  19. l can see me bringing this one up for years ,lol.

    p.s. and don,t worry about loosing it it,l,ve copied it already ,rotflmao.

    Now thats with you ,ha ha ha lol ha ha ha :D
  20. what the heeeelllll am i going to do with you boy?
    btw, lucky has not tried to hump the momma ever since...........jilly :D but i since also have stopped dressing him up in halloween costumes, christmas hats and bunny ears. i really thnk it was the full unicorn outfit that did him in the last time,....he didnt like

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