I guess i'm a loser....

Discussion in 'General' started by Sweetleaftoker, May 7, 2011.

  1. Im a Senior and Prom is tonight but im not there. Im gonna go smoke wit a dude from my work. Prom woulda cost me alot of money and i had nobody to go with
  2. I didnt go to my prom either but i went to some after parties. It was a good time. Try to find one
  3. I never went to any of the homecomings or proms when I was in highschool, I worked instead. way too much money, and I didn't care much for the majority of the people anyways. I don't regret it for a second.
  4. Man, I skipped both senior year homecoming and prom to blaze. Wanna know how much I care today?

    0. In fact, I'm happy I didn't go.
  5. cool story, loser.

    also. it doesn't matter(prom).
  6. Not going to prom was the best decision of my life. I chilled with two girls until prom was done then went to an after party, which was a lot better. And I got fucking laid. So fuck prom, ******z.
  7. Yea theres alot of douches in my class. I hang out with alot of people who graduated 2 years ago ha
  8. crash the shit .
  9. It's whatever dude. Mine was last saturday. It was fun, but the kickback after was better!
    just go to an after party or kickback !

    i never got to go to prom either but for other reasons...
    doesnt mean i didnt pick up my girlfriend and take her out instead and hit up every decent after party i could possibly find.
  11. Lulz.

    Fuck prom, I didn't go to that shit either. If you want to still have a good time with your senior buds, show up to the parties
  12. I'm not goin to prom fuck that. Just hit up after parties like everyone else said.
  13. Prom sucked for me, going somwher wheres thers loads of people you dont realy like and listning to shit music, no fanks. Next prom was a no-no!
  14. So you miss out on some memories. There will be others. College outweighs prom, or at least it did for me.. And I'm only a sophomore. 2 years older than you! We still have SO MANY years to go!!! :smoke: :smoke: :hello:
  15. Shit I never even went to a highschool sports game
  16. i'm pissed i missed a nice night of smoking to go to prom.. although i did do other fun stuff. ;)
  17. Nah... you're not a loser... you're the cool guy...

    There was a group of guys who didn't come to prom... I thought they were REAL cool...

    Prom is for kids.
  18. I didn't go to both my proms. During junior prom I was just being a loser. But for senior prom my gf at the time didn't wanna go. Its whatever.
  19. i went to one in my freshman year it was a football game and i got dome from some girl i had known for 2 years in the baseball dugout lol
  20. You must've been one of the nerds or a square or something.

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