I guess I should stay patient, my package only shipped 2 months ago...

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  1. On November 28th, during the CyberMonday sale, I ordered over $300 worth of glass.

    My package shipped on December 8th.

    It is February 7th and I still have not received my order.

    I sent a request to support on January 28th, they never responded to me.

    I understand that this isn't supposed to be the place to complain about the shop, but seeing as support ignored me, I feel this is the only option I have.

    I have been extremely patient and understanding of the things that were out of Grasscity's control, that's why I waited 2 months to complain.

    People can come in here and try to tell me it isn't Grasscity's fault, and try to place the blame elsewhere. "It's homeland security's fault, it's the weather's fault, it's the postal service's fault."

    You know who's fault it isn't? Mine. Yet I am the one who has been out of over $300 for more than 2 months.

    I honestly don't know whether or not I even expect my stuff at this point.

  2. If its shipped, you do understand that means GC doesnt have it and the postal service does. So its neither yours or their fault. If someone is taking forever to cross a busy road, do you blame them, yourself, or the road... in this situation, shipping is the road, you are the person, and the package is on the other side. grass city is the cross walk, but they cant control if cars are going to stop or not

  3. Welcome to the club. If you're lucky and you actually get your order, you might get a free gift, might.
  4. Everyone will get their orders. They are slowly but surely coming in for people. :)
  5. Grasscity's crosswalk has a button that I pushed 10 days ago because I wanted to cross the street but they didn't reply. Had they responded I would have never posted here.

    I know "support is swamped." It's not their fault...

  6. No see it doesnt have a button, its not a designated cross walk, just a place to cross. if GC had a way to make the boats shipping all this stuff across oceans speed up, im sure they would have, your package, is NOT in the hands of GC anymore. Like i said, the cross walk cant MAKE cars stop.... even if it has a button there is no promise the cars are going to stop for you.....
  7. I was being facetious it was actually a very poor analogy.

    Like I said if support responded to me I would have never even posted.
  8. Boats also don't take 2 months to cross the ocean, I hope you don't think they are on the Mayflower.
  9. Your asking for support from a company who no longer has your package. They dont have a magical helicopter they can go scope out the cargo ship with your package on it man.... Like i was trying to say, contact those who have it, not those who had it once, and dont anymore.

  10. They do if they are full of packages, and one of them has suspicious content in it. Causing a ship wide package search
  11. You can argue all day its GC's fault and not your, but really, they had disclaimed shit was gonna take a while, you ordered anyway.
  12. no I have to say that is not true, he ordered on the 28th of November and we did not get notified by the authoritities that it would take so long, so I understand the frustration, also we are reworking our butts of to get everyone a reply within 24 hours.

  13. Hey Sirsog.. if it was your order you'd also be moaning !! How about supporting a fellow toker instead of dogging him.

    I also placed an order five weeks ago and it hasn't shown up. Give a friend some empathy, not grief! The way you're acting, if you were in the circle, I'd pass it around you, not to you.
  14. Im not giving him grief, its the truth, he is bitching at GC, for something far beyond their control.... he isnt my friend, i dont know this person so i treat them how i would treat anyone i dont know, and i go off what they have given, which is disrespect for GC because they arent willing to wait like everyone else
  15. Can you read? I didn't blame them for the shipping, I blamed them for not responding to my support request. Support shouldn't take 10 days to respond.

    Willing to wait???? It's been 2 months, even Grasscity thinks that's outrageous whether they can do anything about it or not.

    I assume you don't have many friends at all, troll on.
  16. Thanks for the PM RMJL.

    Thank you for understanding as I feel like I have been as well.
  17. in the same boat, no pun intended. tried hitting up SJ, no reply. at least 3 emails to support from hotmail as well as in the forums and to support directly....

    ordered 2 am dec 1st...shipped the 6th...

    no package, no reply, no nothing....what the fuck.

  18. They are headed to the U.S. via a slow boat from China.

    Seriously, I can't believe that they haven't shut this post down yet! Every even semi critical thread usually gets shut down real fast!
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    Wel'l I guess not this one huh??? I guess you really would know since you have been here for over almost a whole month!!! :(:eek::confused:

  20. OK here I go stepping all over myself. If it is taking 2 months 2 get stuff to US I would post a huge warning. You all can say it is no ones fault but as a business if it takes that kinda of time to get stuff to your customers you should be making them aware.

    On the other side there is this thing called Insurance and if you have that, I would be placing a claim. Most credit card companies allow 30 days from purchase to get refunds. I would expect normal stuff to take roughly a month from outside the US. I really don't order many things outside of US because of how bad this is.

    I really do feel your pain...and most importantly in these cases it is all about communication.

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