I grew up

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  1. In a neighborhood where we would hear gunshots nearby at least once a week.

    Now I own my own house in the country.

  2. Congrats dude.
  3. I dont know, I posted this in the real life stories cuz I thought thats where it belongs. I cant take credit for it. My dad got his shit together big time.
  4. but I take credit for my house.
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    Your dad bought you a house?
  6. :confused: I grew up in the country and I hear gunshots daily... Oh wait that's normally me shooting at some critter.
  7. Looks like your movin on up with the Jeffersons!

  8. No but honestly Id probably be dead or in prison if he didnt get it together.

  9. they aint shootin at critters where folks like me an OP come from....;)

  10. this made me lol
  11. haha idk why itd make u lol but I feel you.
  12. just got a pussy call. good night GC i love u all. ill update from my phone if the pussy is good tonight.
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    Congrats again! lol
  14. Pussy and a nice house.
    Seems like a good life for you my friend.

    2 things I don't get/have :(
  15. Dude you can turn that around! Focus on it every day, confidence brings both of them. And yes life is amazing I feel so blessed but at the same time I feel bad because for every person living like me (driving a nice car drunk to get pussy at 1 on a Tuesday night) there is 10 people living in extreme poverty. I donate a lot but I still feel bad/extremely lucky
  16. Is it just me or is sometimes the drive to pussy while vibing out to music like IM ABOUT TO GET SOME better then the actual pussy?
  17. Okay so everything about your post failed to catch my interest.

    But the driving drunk part.

    Sir I would love to present you with a good ol fuck you.


    If you died right now in a fiery crash I wouldn't mind
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    Bro u mad?
  19. The pussy was amazing GC!!!!!

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