I greened out, My story (And question about it)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ramsay, Nov 9, 2013.

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    Someone answer this,
    yesterday night, i greened out, and for fuck sake, that shit is insane, We got of a friend, it had spin in it, I was drinking before im a light drinker, had a few udl's, summers, shot of sirree or something was a bit tipsy, got some weed have nearly 3 cones, and a pipe, and i was fucked.
    had 3 mates over, parents didnt mind i wasent paranoid, i wanred them we where doing it, We laughed for like 20 minutes, it was funny as fuck, i was in space tripping balls, headspin, body stoned, i was fucked, i ended up jumping on the ride on lawn mower, just tripping then my mates like hes going to green, when he said that i felt like i needed to green i fucking greened.
    I stood up for felt like 1 hour, just shaking my ass off my legs could hardly stay still i was like squating shaking my legs, spewing felt like for ages, man HOURS !!! i wanted it to end, my mates didnt want to tell me dad, but he came out saying where is my son, they look blankly, and said hes past out, dad came down laughing at me, ahahaha pretty funny when i look back at it, im still recovering right now as im typing this, i dont think i will be drinking then smoking thats probably why i greened, 
    QUESTION : People say the more you smoke, the more you get used to it and can handle it, meaning the first couple of trips you have are the best in your life is this true? im going easy next time try to get use to it i dont want to green again
    i was friking tripping balls !, My friends where trying to help me asking if i was alright i just kept yelling "fuck of" !! Honestly, from experince when your greening best to be left alone, when friends talk to you try move you it actives trips and makes you spew more, far out, thats enough of my story for now ahahahah. 

  2. how long have you smoked?
    that's debatable. i've been smoking for 3 years and the highs i've got recently have been 10 times better than those i first experienced. my advice is gradually build your tolerance up or lower it if ur greening out a lot, eg smoke 1 joint one night then 2 joints the next etc. lay off bud for a few days and you'll appreciate it a lot more
  3. I've posted this before, but I've greened out all over a milfs tits in bed once a couple years ago

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  4. pics or it didnt happen...

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  5. For me when I got really drunk, then smoked I always got really bad spins and on 2 occasions puked.
    You are a lightweight and drank and smoke a good amount so I would say that is normal.
    If you want to see how good drinking and smoking together can be, get high then have a few beers.
  8. Yeah, deffinetly the alcohol, the only time I puked smoking weed was when this one time I drank half a pint of Captain Morgan in one drink, and then I smoked a couple pipe loads. I started feeling really dizzy, and when I smoked another one, I coughed and then PUUUKKKKEEE. :(
  9. I'm lol'ing so hard at the OP right now.

    "first couple of trips"
  10. Bro sounds like the hooch man. Either that or you might need a CAT scan cuz u have some gnar disease. If u r drunk and don't have a hight tolerance (or even if u do if your drunk enough) and u smoke - that's different. Room starts spinning, possible puking ensues - but that's mostly the sauce. Greening out? Idk when I ate my first edible and ate way too much..who knows maybe I "greened out then. Lol. I ended up camping in my backyard. Don't listen to your "mates"....sounds like u we're having a good time till one if them started suggesting you were losing it. ::greening::

    It is very impolite to hand someone an empty bowl without notifying that person of its potential emptyosity. A proper warning would be, "Here ya go . . . I think it might be cashed. Go ahead, give it a try, see what happens. We're all pulling for you. Good luck."
  11. Thanks for the replys :) And yeah i think it was the alcohol that did it anymore replies these are good to read ahha
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    When was this term "greening-out" even invented? I think kids were tougher when I was a kid. And I'm not even much older than most here

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