I gotta know because i wanna smoke

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  1. I dont know what is wrong when i smoke weed. When i started smoking i got a good feeling and laughed my ass off everytime but now a days when i smoke it forces me to think and i cant stop it it makes everything worse im getting more depressed more anxious more stressed when i smoke whats this all about i need to know all the reasons and how can i enjoy smoking weed again i tried tolerance break for about 2 and a half months but didnt work i got the same bad high again.. how i can i enjoy weed again i need answers!
  2. Smoke more weed

  3. Are you smoking the same strain all the time? If so try switching it up I usually have cheese for 2 weeks then swap to another strain and go back to cheese
  4. You really need to consider your mind state when you are getting ready to blaze man. Get yourself into a happy zone. Try getting some things together that will keep you occupied while you are high. ie. Music Movies Games or anything else you like to do. Just something to keep you focused on the good vibes man.
  5. Ganja isn't for every one. If ganja isn't doing what you need it to do or its doing things you don't like then you need to reconsider if you should be using it or not. Give it some time and try again later.
  6. If weed forces you to feel this way...become one with the force. It's o oh logical you raise your medichlorian count first so Count Dooku doesn't take advantage of your suppressed anger and rage! Beware of the dark side of the lighter..
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  7. Find peace, while you smoke or before you smoke. Whatever works. Why spend your days on this planet thinking like that? You deserve happiness, man. You are entitled to it.

  8. You can't. You either have to quit smoking, or put up with a shitty feeling after you smoke. The choice is yours.
  9. Please use these: , . ?
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  10. Try smoking alot less when you smoke. Smoke a tiny ass bowl hit. One hitter and leave it. Enjoy the buzz. Then slowly smoke more if you feel comfortable. Taking a break will only make it worse. You gotta get a tolerance to just get high and enjoy. It sounds to me like your getting too high and start to freak out. It happens. Just smoke alot less
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  11. Saca is totally right I'm in the same boat with smoking.. what I do is take a small hit or two.. ease into it..then I get to the point where ya I feel good not anxious.. and also if you can smoke some indica strains that's also seemed to help me
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  12. I agree with Saca and Chinc, you need to go slow. I'm battling the same thing, and to me it seems like I got scared while high once, and my mind tied being high with being scared, so I have to fight off panic attacks when I get high. I've been doing small, everyday hits just to get the feel, and it seems to help. It's like you are reminding your subconscious that weed isn't going to kill you / not a reason to be scared.

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