I got thistles under 24/7 lighting

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by somedude420, May 18, 2010.

  1. my plants are under 24/7 light right now and one of them is showing signs of budding, one branch has thistles (white hairs). Why would this happen? also I have a plant that is growing only 3 leaves (instead of the 5 or 7) on each leaf, again why is this happening. I'm using an eb and flow and florescent light for the veg. Any info is helpful.

  2. How old is she? They will show preflowers during veg if you let them grow long enough. Usually around a month or so, if I remember correctly.

    The leaf count will vary from strain to strain. Any where from 3 to 9+ leaves each.
  3. it is kind of old it was a clone form my last grow the only female clone that I got so I let it get big then made more with it. the concern with the 3 leaves is that it is a clone from the larger plant and the larger plant never did that, it always had 5 leaves. could there be a light or nutrient problem? or am I just getting worked up for nothing?
  4. Pictures would be helpful. Also what is a "thistle" ? I have a 3yr old daughter and in tinker bell there are animals call thistles. I think you meant to say pistils. lol good luck buddy.
  5. Thistle


  6. ^^^^ lmao.... thats what im talking about. my daughter has thistles from tinker bell. good call and nice pics
  7. What you got is a hermie..
  8. bro what are you talking about hermie for? no one said anything about a hermie and there is absolutely no sign of a hermie on OP plant.

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