I got this heady spoon for .5

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    i got this from a dude at a party for .5:smoke:
    its triple blown borosilicate glass:hello:
    my girlfriend even got the pleasure of enjoying it to.... that was fun:cool:

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    ignore my dirty ass shorts been at work all day
  2. That's a nice piece and a nice deal! Jealous
  3. excuse my dirty mind but what do u mean your girlfriend got the pleasure of enjoying it too??
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    you know exactly what it means,,,, i actually just got it back today. i originally got it for .5.... traded it to my dude for a Q of super duper omg dank... anyway traded him a $15 china bowl for this one back cause he wanted it idk why and he gave me 4 grams of dank for
    40:hello: good day for me

    she had it in her ass the day before i gave it to him:cool:
  6. Hold on, your girlfriend masturbates with your pipe? That's just weird, I'm sorry man. But my mind cannot handle that, lol.

    It IS a nice pipe though. I guess a good one to use for...err....whatever.
  7. it also good if you want to smoke stuff too:cool:
  8. very nice.

    triple blown for basically $10.

    unless you cope'd an eighth...then it was free :cool:
  9. wouldn't her vaginal fluids get into the neck of the pipe? i mean, you could clean it but......
  10. Cant say I've fucked a chick with a pipe but have thought about it so kudos to you sir
  11. I never said anything about vaginas :confused_2:

    and it was covered i slipped a doctors glove middle finger on it and went from there:cool:
  12. Lol someone was fiending!
  13. hell yeah they were:mad::devious::cool:
  14. i dunno if i would let my girlfriend shove my pipe up her ass
  15. i encouraged it:hello::cool:
  16. Sounds like the pipes getting more action
  17. it was one time in a whole year.... they day before i gave it to my dudeman...:cool: and it was covered
  18. At least it was covered...but dude. Idk if I could ever look at my pipe the same again.

  19. Lmfao that is funny as fuck.
  20. sexual prude:cool:

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