I got the worst possible effect of smoking 'erb

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by king_k4life, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Fucking Acute Bronchitis yo

    I was suffering couldn't breath for 3 days got my meds but still can't smoke for about a week

    Prolly won't turn into Pneumonia..
    As long as I take these pills and don't toke

    Hey atleast I'm getting Coidene which I heard gets you high as shit soon ( prescribed I don't do illegal drugs people -_- )

    Woo I feel like Middle America can't smoke weed but those lab pills are A OK [​IMG]

    I'm trying to hopefully eating solids for the first time in 48 hrs
    every street in Bedstuy gotta block party and I'm stuck inside watching Toon Disney

    Fuck My Life Moment

  2. i dunno if i had what u have but the same thing happend to me after i just got over a cold. as soon as i stopped smoking, it fetl 95% better. just stop smoking for a while man.

    since i stopped smoking that day i decided to make firecrackers and weowwwwwww not only did i feel better from not smoking, but the high was so much better and lasted so much longer and was soooooo much clearer. do it man.
  3. Toon disney would be good. If you were high..

    Firecrackers are a good idea ^.
  4. Here this... I'm allergic to fucking peanut butter lmao
  5. Tell me about it, I had a wicked cold for over a month because I was puffin the herb daily. I bet if I quit for a few days I'd have been all better:D
  6. aw wow that sucks..........ganja tea? i think hashmouf made a thread on how to make some delicious cold ganja tea
  7. THC isn't water soluble...
  8. its soluble in citric acid tho...which is used in that recipe i think. Sorry for the bump.
  9. I had bronchitis earlier this year too. good luck to you! take all your meds :smoking:

  10. Are you allergic to Nutella? That shit works too.

    I am surprised I haven't gotten hit with that shit, knock on wood I guess.
  11. There's TONS of different ways to cook ganja properly, and I must say some of the best highs I can remember were from stuffing my face with endless variety of cannabutter/oil recipies. There's nothing better than having your beautiful lady wake your sick ass up in the morning and have her to agree to whip you up a batch of ganja pancakes! hehe :]....

    So there's one for all you GC girls out there who have an ill herb smoker to take care of ;] I think I speak for every straight man here.

    Anyone else fall victim to laughing attacks a couple hours after eating cannabis? It happens to me nearly every time the tray of brownies is done! Actually, come to think about it, I'm usually laughing my ass off as I'm eating the last one and cleaning the pan.

  12. Yeah, but water isn't the only thing in cold ganja tea.

    Citric Acid compounds are in it as well, like that other poster said.

    THC IS soluble in citric acid. Among other things.

    Honestly? Heat is the best way to go, but obviously he can't smoke it, so go figure.
  13. Use a vaporizer

  14. I think your girlfriend would say the worst side effect is Erectile Dysfunction bahahaha Just Kidding man. Sorry to hear about your bronchitis, put a couple drops on a bowl and smoke it, bomb ass high and you get the lung soothing power of codeine :hello:
  15. What would you consider marijuana?

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