i got the droop

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by snazzpompey, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. my plants about 3-4 weeks old and has gone from a plant with 6 leaves to a heap thats drooped over and wilted at the top...would appear it got way too hot that what i get from letting the missus tend it while im at work, any chance it will recover
  2. depends on the problem. drooping can be many things. More info would be nice. It could be from overwatering or underwatering, too many nutes to not enough nutes. How hot did it get?
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  3. If it's light/heat burn: It will be fine. Just keep her out that hot spot.

    kirara has been w/me 11yrs and she's got too much procastinater in her. I thought I was, but she takes the cake. My worst fear is going to hospital for any amotnt of time. I tend to 2OO+ girls and I know they would suffer. I ask her all the time what you gonna do when I die? (im 6O she's 34) She's fine so I figure some punk kid will inheirt my lifes woqk. Fuck that. I'm live forever.

  4. hehe yeah i would never let anyone but myself or a well trained professional :p take care of my plants.

  5. it looks like it got far too wet and the roots rotted, i started again only this time ill sort it myself...rigging it up to drip feed somewhere she cant do any damage lol

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