I Got The Cottons - New Avatar!!

Discussion in 'General' started by D9_THC, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. Hey man, I just thought I'd let you know:


    He is from London and I see him a lot when I go to Camden (in London).

  2. what r u goin on about?
  4. I'm talking about "I Got The Cottons" New avatar!!!

    I'm not lyin'!!! I've seen the guy walking around London. He's in the Guiness book o records.

    His whole body is like that, he just walks around London wearing a leather waistcoat and some shorts... hehe!!!!

  5. lol. next time you see him, tell him some crazy kid from the US says 'wasssup!?' lol
  6. either that or splash some aftershave in his face. all those cuts and peircings...

    OR ask him what he does when he goes through metal detectors in airports...

    OR something with magnets has to be done...

    OR you could attach electrodes to his peircings while he's not looking...
  7. Why don't you just tell him to kick the guy in the nuts and run away while you're at it SNATCH?
  8. hehe...hehe she called you snatch..SNATCH!...hehe
  9. Haha! I'm gonna kidnap him from his hang-out and stick him on my roof as a lightning rod! Booyah!
  10. walk behind him with a heavy duty magnet ,waving it from side to side ha ha lol ...........only doing this smilie cause l like it and carn,t find the right one[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  11. run away?
  12. lightning rod in your ass?

  13. Yeah, you know walking away at a very rapid pace?
  14. you know....

    that thing you always do....

    because youre.......a......snatch!...HAHAHAHA
  15. i like snatch.
  16. Mmm.... snatch....

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