I got tha "stoner discount" hell yeah!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. I love where I live, i just walked across the street to tha store, grabbed me some munchies, and got to the counter, and said ".. and i needs me some screens". The dude behind the counter cracked a smile, busted me out a sack o stainless ones, and said "well in that case,,,," and proceeded to ring everything up as $1 no tax, and the cheapest item i had was $1.20. Hell yeah, stoner discount rules!!! I love livin' in a place where every local business is owned and operated by 'heads. If only the rest of the world were like it is here, there'd be no war, no terrorism, everybody would be all stoned, happy and doin' their thang. Utopia? maybe, but i call this place "my home".

  2. That's awesome. You oughtta try smoking with him while he's working one day. Make a new friend.
  3. stoners are basically decent to eachother. we know something the brainwashed mob don't, and of course we give favours. i do.
  4. Next month i'm gonna prolly get me a glass spoon from there, they got some sweet pieces in right now.

    I'll get him high one day when i'm off work and blazin' up. If i were to smoke out with every stoner on my block alone, i'd need a 15lb blunt to go around.

    EVERYBODY tokes in town. For quite a while we had the "town hookah" sitting in the front center window display case at the convention center facing main street. I used to go down the block and stare at it, droolin all over the glass, imagining packing an oz of kind in it (yeah it was that big) and hotboxing the convention center.

    Sometimes we end up down in the park in some big ass stoner circles, like 50+ people and a shitload of fattys goin' round.

  5. Dude that's badass. I wish it was like that where I live.
  6. :crying:


    no fair. i wanna live there! i wanna live in toosicks' utopian home!

  7. lol, Ive been thinking of relocating ;)
  8. where do you live toosticks- I'm moving there one day.
  9. hell yea sounds like damn fine town... but if you think about it, if everybody got the stoner discount, the stores would go out of bussiness. but fuck work when you can smoke w/ 50+ ppl... then again where ya gonna get money

    i think to much stoned.

  10. from your very lucrative growing opperation? just a suggestion. y'know... where theres obvious demand in the market... create some supply! lol
  11. Well at $50/oz "local stoner discount" for some pretty high grade commercial (usually) u don't need much money for weed. I work weekends and do what i'm doing in my avitar all week. Rent is cheap and overall i'm one happy mo'fo livin' here. It's probably as close to a town can get to being a hippie commune.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect, but compared to everywhere else i've lived, it's paradise. I wake up every morning, smile, and start laughing cause i live in this beautiful place. It's kinda like if everyday life were a game, i feel like i already won before i even started playing.

    If i were still living in "the outworld" (that's what the locals call the rest of existence outside the geographical isolation of town) i would have either offed myself, someone else by now. I was a fuckin' nut livin' in the shit, dealing with the crazy fucked up idiotic shit that is "out there"

    What's real cool is people here can pretty much live like yu want, and the town is primarily made up of old'skool present and ex-back to the earth hippie types, philisopically awakwned people, writers, musicians, poets and artists of all kinds. There's 150+ art galleries within a few blocks of my front door. I live in the direct epicenter of it all.

    Other parts of town outside of "uptown" (which is really downtown, but downtown moved some years back or something like that.) are somewhat "normal, yet still without the influence of either big city or suburbia lifestyle.
  12. That sounds like paradise compared to the stuck-up, snobby, rich, conservative community I live in. I've already made it my personal goal in life to find a place like that to live, away from all the shit in the world. I can't even imagine how much better it would be to live in a place like that..... I wanna mooooooove :(

    $50 an oz. doesn't sound bad, either :)

  13. yea but everyone would be growing, and at $50 an Oz, well.... dont get me wrong though, i'd love to have that problem.

    God hearing you describe your town makes my hate for mine increase like 10 fold.... this town is 25% redneck 25% asshole and 50% both.
  14. Sounds sort of like my town. Where about do you live again TooSicks? I'm gonna need an area to shoot for once I graduate college.
  15. Originally posted by TooSicKs
    What's real cool is people here can pretty much live like yu want

    damn... that sounds like the american dream. does Hunter S Thompson know about that place? :D

  16. Lucky 4 sum, man i gotta live in a dangerous Town, there r alot ov robberies, theives, crack heads, smackheads and alot ov violence here, quite the opposite ov ya "Utopia" society, but it is quite funny sometimes seein a couple ov dumbasses fightin over nuttin, for example las week i was walkin through my town when i saw 2 girls fightin, they were really rippin each others hair out, scratchin, slappin u name it these girls were doin it, even biteing, i asked my m8 who was there from the start wot it was all bout, he said that one of the girls wouldn't sort the other a cigarette. This is how petty these ppl over here r, i'm quite sick ov this Town i live in, there is not even n e thing 2 do on a weekend here so we jus go to anotha Town n have sum fun der, good thing i movin out in a few months.

  17. u gonna tell us what town it is u live in?

    i saw some shit like that go down when i was in Dundee, theres a "lot"* of junkies there too.

    *no where near as bad as some places i've heard about though.
  18. Its a little town near London man. Our town has been nicknamed Smackfield because ov the Smack craze ova here. Phhhheeeewwwww atleast im not 1 ov them :)
  19. Yeah, redneck assholes suck, that's why i left where i was before.

    weedbnoss, u should move outta tha ghetto, u said ur movin' in a few months, where to? city? rural?

    I live up in the mountains surrounded by desert. the mts are almost 8000 feet and town is 5-6000.

    Don't get me wrong there's still some of the shit that goes on everywhere happenin' here, just a lot less of it. A lot of the towns around the area are like this one. There's no traffic lights in town, only at the end of town out in the desert, and where i live in town everywhere has stairs going to it, and a network of alleyways, stirways, tunnels, and all inds of trippy shit run through town. Up the street where i live almost every place you walk by is art of some sort. Sculptures and metalwork in yards, painted on walls, built into architecture, everywhere.

    Sometimes i get blazed and go walk around town takin' pics of all the cool shit i see, and walkin' around town is like livin' in a cartoon world, there's no reference to what the rest of the world is like. Outside my door there's about 75 original art galleries within a 2 minute walk. It's a 5 minute walk to get to the trails in the mountians. I don't have to drive anywhere except to work and to the grocery store. I lived here for a year with no car when i first moved here and i didn't need one, i just walked where i needed to go, cause it's only a few miles to anywhere. Sometimes i get blazed and load up some water, and go up in the mts for a day and a night or more just chillin' with nature, takin' pics, rock climbing, freestyle walking on rock formations, trails, and all kinds of terrain. (freestyle walking= like inline skaters do(jumps, tricks, etc.), except with no wheels, just running instead of rolling)

    as far as i'm concerned i live in paradise.

    The part of town where i live is on a mountian slope and instead of roads stairs lead everywhere, and you can get to almost anywhere in town by a network of stairs.
  20. your mecca is sounding better and better with each post, but the question still remains: WHERE DO YOU LIVE?

    (check your p.m.s and tell me privately if you dont want to reveal the name on the board).

    Thanks, peace.

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