I got stabbed

Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Aight this is the story. 5 friends of mine share rent at this house in the middle of the ghetto. We were throwing a party and the girl next door to the house is chill as fuck. She'll come over, hang out, throw back brews with us... whatever. Well, her boyfriend finds out that she kicks it with us, and gets HEATED. He comes over to our backyard and stabs me in the side and stabs my friend in the leg. My friend Mutt gets the knife from him and beats the living hell out of him.

    Dude got charged with attempted murder and is currently locked up.

    Here's some pictures of me fresh out of the hospital.



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  2. What the fuck, man?
  3. fucking ouch
  4. dude, I recommend getting a heater if you live somewhere someone will stab you for something like that. It's not like ya'll were running train on her, right??

    She was just chillin' with ya.

    I got robbed twice where I live so I got a Beretta 92G Elite II 9mm. Finishing up my class for my CHL in a few days, so now I can carry it with me everywhere.

    Hasn't come in handy yet, but I think one day it will.
  5. That's terrible man, looks like it will leave one hell of a scar.
  6. Sounds like the perfect thing to put on a CCW application. I would definatley start carrying after that. :eek:
  7. I have a .45 special, but I don't carry it on me when I'm at just a little kickback with friends.
  8. When I seen the name, I expected to come in here and everyone calling this fake and asking for pics. Though wow. That dude was one jealous boyfriend. I'm glad someone beat the hell out of him at least. I have a buddy who got stabbed not to long ago. Once in the arm and in the leg. He was wrestling around with this kid. The kid grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the arm. When my buddy was running away, the scissors were thrown and hey stuck in his leg. It was pretty gross, and not even half the size of what you've got.
  9. oh shit im glad your ok that looks serious

    what kind of psycho would do something like that i hope he spends the rest of his life rotting away behind bars

  10. ......?
  11. ouch bro that SUCKS

    are you in tucson?

    bad town my buddy got in a gun fight there keeping kids from stealing beer from his shop
  12. damn man.....theres gotta be more to the story.....did u fuck this girl ever???and then u chillin with her and her bf dnt like it or wat????????????? thats horrible that u got stabbed man looks bad....i wasnt expectin to c a cut so big dat fool shanked the shit outa u....i would gefinatly pic up a 9mm smith and wesson is my chioce.....
  13. damn motion that really sucks man, I don't know what to say, but feel better man
    I hope that guy got his shit fucked up, and I hope you get to fuck his girl

    again feel better bro, sorry to hear about this

  14. guns are not the answer, but that guy is going to take his fair share of anal poundings in prison.
  15. damn man that sucks. big ass cut too. thats why i never go to no fuckin ghettos. i live in a little rich bitch town where kids are pussies. i got no need to get stabbed.
  16. hahaha
  17. damn dude thats not cool at all...looks mighty close to some vital organs :mad: gosh im gonna just keep it at that...horrible...
  18. thats fucked up. hook up with the girl, he wont be able to do shit, bein in jail and all
  19. Wow.. thats fucking brutal. That guy is a fucking cunt, stabbing is never the answer, at least now he's in jail where he should be.
  20. Damn man, that fucking sucks. did you get some good painkillers at least? :(

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