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I got some killer smoke this weekend

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. yeah, where i live in PA, the smoke isnt that great, it takes a full joint to get me really lit, but this weekend i got this 1/8 for 40 dollars, and a tiny joints, really messed me up, which was surprizing. Then once i smoked the whole bag, i looked at it,a nd it was so greasy with residue, that i was totally ddeaked out, i have to buy from this kid more offen. Is that a good thing, to have the stickyness on the bag,a nd would it make it stronger if i repack the bag, and get the res. on the other weed?
  2. couln't hurt... or as far as i know. but if you keep some of it in small glass jar, it will collect.
  3. I keep my herbs in a plastic Med bottel when I had to go to the doc last time (perfect size for an 8th) once in a wile i get enuff chrystals on the walls I can run a bud around the walls and pick them up on the nug pack it and smoke it It is stronger. I think it would work in a bag but it works in my "dank tank" :)

    I dont know I dont like to carry bags anymore they dont cover the smell the bottel i got holds the smell in real good
  4. man..

    imull be straightwitcha...i iz stione...d
  5. see if ur like me and only smoke the danks you wouldnt have to worry about resin crystals..
  6. yeah, today, my friend ripped the bag that had the resin, in half, and was sucking on it, and said that he had like a minute zone out. kinda cool....
  7. im sorry...

    but he, in fact, is more than likely full of poo poo.

  8. i know what yaa mean llllllllllllllll aaaaaaaajjffffff aaaaaaaaaah. my fingers just did wnat they wanted to for a second. i told them to stop but they said fuck off...

    man... i'm gone...

  9. level of being great..for i feel euphoric



    i love you weed.

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